A trip to Anthropologie to cure the rainy day blues.

It’s been an unseasonably warm weekend here in Ohio with nothing but gray skies and rainy days.  Which is exactly why Steve and I did NOTHING yesterday and spent the entire day on the couch doiking (my mom’s word) in front of the television.
On Friday Lizzie and I decided a trip to the mall would be just the pick-me-up we needed.  It wasn’t just the local mall that we visited, but the one an hour from here.  Lizzie can usually talk me into it because she loves the designer stores and I love the fact that I get to visit Pottery Barn AND Anthropologie.
I will share a few Anthropologie pics with you, then I’m off to work on my taxes.  Yippy skippy!
DSC09545 DSC09543
The fake, sarcastic smile of a fifteen year old that hates when her mother takes her photo (especially in public).DSC09548 DSC09546 DSC09550 DSC09549 It is always fun to see what new and innovative artwork that Anthropologie has in their window display.
Other than bicycle rims, can you tell what this hanging sculpture is made of?
DSC09554 Yep. Plastic soda bottles.
DSC09554 (1)
DSC09552 DSC09555
I snapped this last photo in Pottery Barn.  I love the cheese grater place card holder, and we both loved that they used Lizzie’s name in the display.  How fun!
DSC09556Well, those pesky taxes aren’t going to figure themselves, so that is what I will be doing with the remainder of my rainy Sunday.
Before I click off, I just want to say a Thank You to my faithful readers for your words of encouragement.  It was comforting to hear from others that have ventured off into the working world after years at home, and I truly appreciate your kind words.
Peace out Girl Scout.


  1. Don't they just have the most fun stuff? We not only have the gray, ugly weather...it has been so foggy that we can't even get out of town to go to a mall. I just let the dog out and realized we now have a few inches of snow...ugh.

    You mentioned on another post about finding time for everything. I think I found more time when I did work. I was more energized (maybe happier?) and because I knew I had to fit things in, I was in high gear. It is easier to put things off when you know you can do them tomorrow. I think you'll do great.


  2. You always have good blogs to read, maybe it's because the pictures pull me in. Anyway I've never been to that store but now I def wanna go. I loved everything you took a picture of and really want that bird lamp haha