Time to get crack-a-lackin’.

Time.  Time is not something that seems to be in abundance over here at Casa Bona Fide.  There never seems to be enough time in my days and weeks.  With the upcoming switch to full-time status, I don’t know how I expect to find more time, but somehow I need to.  Time is a precious thing to waste.
I have so many unrealized projects in my home.  I seem to have slacked off a bit after the holidays.  Does that happen to anyone else?  Do you run out of steam after the mad holiday rush?  I do.  I wish I could be like so many of you that spend the first few weeks of the year cleaning, organizing, and making a fresh start.  I seemed to have hit a stall.
I suppose the fact that I am beginning to fret over this is a good sign.  It’s a sign that I am getting restless and I am moving toward “project mode” once again.
Here is a reminder of the projects waiting for me. (This is more of a reminder for me than it is for you.)
The 4th Bedroom, aka “Laura’s Room”, which in 2010 will become our Craft Room.
lauras room
My son’s Bedroom is still waiting for a mother’s touch.
Other projects on the horizon are repainting the Dining Room because I cannot stand the color I chose for the walls, painting and decorating my stark white finished basement, and finally doing something with the kids’ bathroom.
As for DIY I have several chairs that need painting and upholstered seats and also some spare thrift store furniture items that need the DIY touch:  a dresser, 2 headboards, a shelving unit, and a desk.
Well, I might just find the time after all because just thinking about it has gotten my creative juices flowing again.  I am ready to get movin on these projects!  After 2 years in this home I think it is time to whip it into shape.  Stay tuned.

How about you?  Do you hit the New Year full steam ahead?  Or, like me, do you slip into a bit of a slump in January?
Any projects on your calendar?  Do tell.

photo at top:  morguefile.com


  1. I sorta, kinda do. I tend to do more of the quick and easy things that need to be done. I've made a written list of projects though and it feels good when I can cross something off. I don't have any set deadlines either, which is also good.

  2. I am VERY lazy in Jauary. Instead of doing projects I dream up home, sewing and gardening projects. All my books come out and I pour over them all, writing notes and soaking up all the inspiration.

    Right now I have a few sewing projects in the mix, nothing big, mostly I'm just putting off having to work on slipcovering my living room couch (not sure if it will ever get done - HA)

  3. We are in the midst of projects now. We are moving some of the bedroom furniture to different bedrooms. We are stripping some furniture that will now go in our bedroom rather than buying new. (My husband will love that "we" part) So, dressers are emptied all over the place, waiting for their replacements to be moved, shifted, finished etc. Of course I forgot to take before pictures!

  4. Wow, Stephanie - you have a full plate! But just imagine how instantly gratifying it will be to create the craft room or put a mom's touch on your son's room. They're blank canvases; the best kind.

    I'm having a small bathroom remodeled (read: big mess); then some painting will be done downstairs beginning next week (read: big mess). It's all fun.

  5. We just redecorated our bedroom and my daughter's room, so we are done for awhile. We don't have a large house, so even little changes make a big difference. Holly

  6. I am in the biggest slump...I cannot seem to shake it. The kids have it too.

    On tap for us...cleaning out the garage and cleaning up my craft supplies all over the garage...a new kitchen...a new master bathroom...painting our bedroom, painting the family room. How I love an old fixer-upper!

    Those are the house projects...I have a ton of personal ones like figuring out how to manage blog life (which I enjoy so much) with real life and finishing book proposals!