Feet first.

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Life is a series of adventures.  At each phase in life we are forced to venture into the unknown.  First day of school, first day of high school, first kiss, first relationship, first time we leave home, a marriage, parenthood, a new job, these are all adventures waiting to happen.  We can enter each phase with fear, trepidation, and worry, or we can jump in with both feet and enjoy the adventure.

We encounter stages of life with a range of emotions: happiness, worry, positivity, excitement, hesitation, wonder, or fear.  However, we have choices.  We can choose to round each turn with hope and anticipation, or we can make the choice to drag our feet, afraid to peek around that next corner.

I am about to round one of those bends. I figure if I survived turning 40, I can survive a new job.  This isn't just any new job, this is a full-time job.  You see, I was a stay-at-home Mom for many years, then I picked up a part-time job just a couple of days per week.  After 2 years with that employer I switched to a 20-hour per week job with the fringe benefit of having my office in my home, and that is where I have been for the past 9 years.  In my home. In my home office.  Working from home.  Part time.

Now is the time that my seasons are changing.  My babies aren't babies any longer, I have reached the half-way mark, and my next adventure is about to begin.  I realize that I am fortunate that at the age of 40 I have never been forced to work full-time.  I know I am extremely lucky to have had so many years home with my kids, but now is the time. Now is my time.  Of course I feel the range of emotions.  I feel the happiness, worry, positivity, excitement, hesitation, wonder and fear.  More than anything? I feel ready.  Ready to turn that bend and grab ahold of what is just ahead.  I am taking the plunge with both feet and I can't wait to see where it leads me!


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  1. Good luck, Stephanie! I remember when I went back to work {and full-time} after 14 years at home. I was very fortunate to be able to spend that time with my kids.

  2. Oh boy...here you go! I was at home when my kids were small, worked from home when they were in grade school and worked half days when they were in jr. high and high school. Then, we moved...and the youngest left for college at the same time. I left a job I loved and thought I would keep for years. So...what to do? It was a tough call, I was a few years older than you are and so spoiled. I opted not to go back to work after going on a few interviews. Some days I think I made the wrong choice (uh...the day I pay bills) and some days when it is cold and rainy-I'm glad I don't have to go anywhere. I hope you find something you love...it makes all the difference.

    I'd like that job where you work from your home office...I can't find that here!


  3. Love how you wrote this post. So true how our lives go thru seasons. This year I dropped out of all of the committees and responsibilities of church and school and just said, "a year for me". I have a toe in at school doing this or that for an hour, but no real responsibilities. It has given me time to think and imagine and pray about what God has next for me. The quiet is so essential. Heck...our blog came out of that time too. Holly:)

  4. Great post! I too was fortunate to be a SAHM for many years and to homeschool them. But I knew when it was my time to go back to work. Good luck to you! Working outside the home brings a lot of positive. But it's pretty tiring for the first couple of months. So, remember to pace yourself, go gently and remind yourself that your body will adjust. Go get 'em!

  5. Good luck to you! I guess you got the job, huh? I'll miss working with you!

  6. Change is always uncomfortable but almost always worth it! Best wishes for your new job.