Cooking? Not so much.

Last night I finally saw the movie Julie & Julia.  I know, I know, what took me so long?  I'm a little behind on such things as watching hit movies, reading bestsellers, and keeping up with current events.  It's so easy to get wrapped up in the everyday, that sometimes life just goes whizzing by.

One thing that I DO NOT get wrapped up in is cooking, which considering the ever present fact that I love to eat, seems a bit of a contradiction to me.  Why do I not enjoy cooking?  I have no idea.  I admire those women that feel at home in the kitchen, the women who take joy in providing a scrumptious meal for their family or who cook as a hobby because they love it so.

For me, cooking has always been a chore and that pretty much sums it up.  I was married at 20 and there I was with a new husband and baby and no idea how to cook.  My lack of cooking skills cannot be blamed on my upbringing.  My mother had dinner on the table every day at 6:00 PM for pretty much my entire childhood.  According to my mom, I just didn't show an interest in learning anything domestic such as cooking and sewing.  Fast forward to 1990 and I had to somehow provide meals for my new little family, and I did.  I cooked simple meals.  I also cooked frozen meals.  I cooked the same meals over and over again.  For years.  I never loved it, I never had fun with it, but I did it and didn't complain (at least I don't think I did?)   It was yet another domestic, household chore thrust upon a young 20-something who had no desire to do anything domestic except play with my baby boy (which of course was my choice. I am not at all complaining about my situation back then).

Steve and I are now coming up on our 20th Anniversary and somewhere along the way he has taken over the cooking.  I don't know if he enjoys it, but I can tell you he is damn good at it.  His meals are delicious and he truly is so much better at it than I am.  I of course feel tons of guilt over the fact that my husband has to do the cooking.  What kind of wife am I?  Then I speak to my friends and acquaintances and at least 1/2 of them say the same thing - their guy does all of the cooking.  Then I don't feel so bad.

I wish I could cook.  I wish I had the desire to learn.  The only thing that has come close to peaking my interest in cooking is The Pioneer Woman.  Her posts are so step-by-step with photos that I almost (almost) think, "Maybe I could do that too?".  That lasts about 2 seconds and then I'm over it.


  1. I enjoyed that movie, too! Do you want to hear a really bizarre confession? When I was about 11 years old, I discovered "This Old House" on PBS. Saturday afternoons. I watched it religiously, with my graph paper in hand, trying to figure out the floor plans of the houses they were redoing. Somehow that turned into watching several of the programs that came on before and after TOH, as well....mostly cooking shows, ESPECIALLY Julia Child. I was fascinated. I did the same thing every Saturday for years--at least until high school. You know what is even crazier than that? It didn't turn me into some kind of gourmet chef. It just made me really picky about my kitchens.

  2. lol I think PW has revolutionized how women look at cooking! I know she has given me hope!

    I am in the same boat as you... hubby is so much better at it then me! :)


  3. I feel that way about sewing. I had to do a bit in high school, hated it and never wanted to learn. Although I wish I liked it...I see all these wonderful things people make.

    Cooking is something I love. It relaxes me. I've read cookbooks and cooking magazines forever. My mom didn't cook with me (she didn't want help-or mess in the kitchen) but she is a good cook. I also got married at 20, and even though we were poor...I loved to fix dinner.

    I'm lazy about it now. Most times it is just the 2 of us, so I often pick easy options. My passion is really baking, and I don't need to have that in the house often. I still love all things food (and my hubby doesn't really cook-he grills).

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  4. Hi Stephanie. Can you believe I just saw the movie too? On Christmas Day, and I have a post coming up about it :) Not everyone likes to cook, but we all have to eat, yah ... I'm not always organized and on top of things but for some reason having people over gets me excited and planning!

    Happy Day!

  5. Good movie but I hear you. Cooking is not something I'm good at. Always wish I was, but never take the time to make it happen.

  6. Such an honest post. First...I really want to see that movie...so you are ahead of me chickadee! I go in and out with my love/hate affair of cooking. I'm so thankful that Costco and Trader Joes exists so that I can by semi-prepared stuff and spend 1/4 of the time cooking that it takes for homemade. Hubs is happy with anything warm on the table, so it couldn't be easier really. Once a year I get in a "try 1 new thing a week" mood. I keep a list of the things I like to make and add the new good ones to it then. The rest of the year I live off of that list, chosing main courses from each category. It has helped a lot over the years. I'm off duty all weekend. Hubs cooks or we go out. I think the key is figuring out what works in each family. We are on our 18th year of marriage. You and I must be doing something right:) Holly

  7. I loved that movie!!
    Love to bake The problem is however that I love to eat what I bake!! :)

  8. Steve does make really good food. I love his chicken. I like cooking okay but Stevie insists on doing everything lol I'll just bake I guess.