Snow Day

Yesterday was a snow day here in Northeast Ohio.  We had “winter storm warnings” posted until 10:00 AM Saturday morning.  They automatically cancelled the schools on Friday and…???…we got no snow.  Living in Ohio we are so used to the snow that we all just trudge through it like it’s a fact of life, which it pretty much is.
This is not my house, nor my photo, but this is pretty much what it looks like here every year from January through most of March.  40 years on this planet, living in this State, and I hate it.  Hate is a strong word, but I feel pretty strongly about cold and snow.
Fridays are my day off work and since it was Friday and Lizzie had a snow day what do you think we did?  We went to the Mall of course.  She had gift cards and cash from Christmas, so we got our shopping on.  While sitting at the food court at the mall she says to me, “Mom, I love hanging out with you.  You are cool and not a weird mom.  I love when we do stuff together”.   Ahhhh, music to my ears.  Note of advice to mothers of teenagers = they just want our love and attention.  Teenagers are people too!!  (It could also have something to do with the euphoria she experiences when shopping.  I think she loves shopping more than she loves me!  Possible?  You bet your dupa it is!)
What else did I do with my snow day? 
I gathered together all of the Christmas cards that we received this year.
DSC09426 DSC09428 I then grabbed some of my scrapbooking tools and I cut my cards into circles.  If some were too big for a circle, I just cropped a bit with scissors and left them square.  I’ll use those ones for larger packages.
Punched a hole in the top of each one and now I have gift tags for next Christmas!  I will just pack them away with the Christmas gift bags and wrapping paper and next year I’ll be good to go.
DSC09432 DSC09433 DSC09434So there you have a glimpse into my oh-so-exciting Snow Day.
Today?  Today is “take down the Christmas decorations” day. Yay!!
Happy Saturday!

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  1. I'm a warm weather girl too. Hate the Winter. But love the change of seasons. What's a girl to do?

  2. Great idea, Stephanie! I didn't receive as many cards this year, but I picked out three I really liked the graphic on. I figured I could use them for something next Christmas.

  3. What a great idea, I'm going to have to steal this one. It's just to clever to pass up. Thanks. Have fun taking down your decorations.

  4. Stephanie, For your daughter complimenting you and expressing appreciation for time spent together with you, you get 5 HUGE gold stars. Hold that memory dear because the chance of her having a sullen moment or two are pretty good.

    Love how you upcycle your cards!

  5. I'm at 50+ years in Illinois and I hate it too. That is why I told my kids to get out before they "got stuck" like we did. My daughter moved to Orlando and loves it (although they got ice and flurries too yesterday). I love that idea about the cards. I just sent mine down to the basement to be stored with the new cards for next year (sent with hubby-he does the storage) and I'm going to have him bring them back up. Thanks!


  6. Already prepared for Christmas 2010. Girl you are amazing.

  7. Aww @ what Liz said :] I love my Mummy too! As for all this snow, I hate it as well.

  8. What a really great idea, and I love the fact that you are ready ahead of the game for next Christmas. You go girl. Thanks for the idea.
    Cha Cha