So by now most of you have probably heard of Fox's new hit show Glee.  I have to be honest - I LOVE IT!  I saw the premiere episode last Spring and was intrigued.  Once the season began this past September, we were hooked. 

Glee follows the ups and downs of the members of a high school Glee Club.  The fact that it is set right here in the fine State of Ohio makes it all the more fun.  The misfits of the Glee Club are looked down upon by their peers, most noticably the jocks and the cheerleaders.  They endure teasing, harrassment, and slushies in the face all because they love to sing and perform.  The members of Glee consist of the theater types, the misfits, and even a few football players and cheerleaders.  This group of outcasts is led in song and dance by their moderator Mr. Schuster, a married man with a secret crush on the school guidance counselor. 

Who steals the show?  None other than Jane Lynch portraying Sue Sylvester, the highly dysfunctional coach of the championship cheer team.  She is out to destroy the Glee Club basically because she doesn't like anyone taking the attention (and school funds) away from her beloved "cheerios".  Jane Lynch gives her usual witty, wry performance and she couldn't be funnier.

I love the singing, dancing, and all of the 80's music.  I love that is crass, witty, irreverant at times, and always hysterical.  I love that it has all the drama you would expect in high school: secret crushes, OCD, fake pregnancies, and ruthless behavior (and that's just from the adults).

Glee is on break right now, but will be back in April with the remainder of Season One.
Until then you can catch up with full episodes on Fox.
Have fun!


  1. I LOVE Glee. I was happy they wrapped things up during the last episode, too, and didn't drag stuff out like many shows would've!

  2. I love Glee, too, Stephanie! I was hooked from the first episode. I love Jane Lynch and was so glad to see she was on the show {although she plays serious roles, too, with a rare appearance as the mother of one of the investigators on Criminal Minds}. My favorite episode was the one where the football team has to loosen up to "All the Single Ladies". : )

  3. I've seen a couple of episodes and really enjoyed them, but when I checked on hulu.com (I think it was there) you could only download them for like a buck a piece or something.

    I'm glad Fox offers them. I never even thought to look there.

  4. I love it! After 6 years of a kid in show choir...I just sit and laugh at how on target they are. Sometimes it gets a bit silly, but I still love it. Besides...Mr. Director is a cutie.


  5. Love it. I work with high school kids in drama...doing Chicago this spring. Theatre kids are the best!