burnt toast

painted nails

I am not one to indulge in material things for myself. Like many mothers I afflict upon myself the “burnt toast syndrome”.  Putting family before myself, choosing to put the wants, needs, and desires of my children before my own.  For whatever reason I choose not to spend money on things for myself (even at Target!).  In this cold Ohio winter you will not see me trudging around in Ugg boots, nor is the back of my right shoulder emblazoned with The North Face logo.  I do not own designer handbags, although there is a particular Coach bag I’ve been coveting lately. 

Don’t get me wrong, if I had the spare cash to spend I’d be first in line at the mall.  However, the extra cash isn’t there, so I don’t spend it.  Don’t feel sorry for me.  I, like so many mothers, choose this path willingly and with no complaints.  It’s a big whatev.

There is however one little indulgence that I do allow myself, and that is getting my nails done.  I have been a nail biter my entire life and a couple of times over the years I have indulged in acrylic nails.  In January 2009 I decided to take the plunge once again and headed to the local nail salon to get a “full set”.  Here we are one year later, January 2010, and I just returned this afternoon from getting a “fill”.  I didn’t think I would keep up with it this long but boy, do I love it!  After a lifetime of stubby, chewed upon fingertips, I feel so luxurious with my long nails.  I feel pretty.   I feel put-together.  I feel sexy. 

Getting my nails done is the one thing that I shell out the cash for on a regular basis.  It is the one time I don’t feel guilty for spending money on me. 

How about you?  Do you have a luxury that you allow yourself?  Maybe it’s a certain perfume?  or a favorite brand of shoes?  Or a regular mani/pedi ?  Do tell.


  1. I have many luxuries I allow myself; but then, my children are all but flown now. However, when I had a bussle of little ones around my feet, every now and then I would allow myself the luxury of a new pot of nail varnish or perhaps a lipstick and an evening playing spa in the bath. Or another favorite was to take a trip to the thrift store without them (home with Daddy) and then have a lovely latte!

    It is imperative to treat ourselves every now and then; loving ourselves makes us better mothers!

  2. Oh Stephanie, I thought for sure you were a fellow Jersey Girl! I could become a bag woman and still have beautiful polished nails!

  3. I love hearing what women do to treat themselves. Good for you that you found something that lifts you up & reminds you that you are a beautiful woman. Terrific! Holly

  4. I've let my nails go natural....hate it! After reading your post, I'm ready to call the salon and make an appointment for a mani/pedi, which makes me feel glamorous! OXOX

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  6. Your nails always look cute, makes me wanna get mine done.

  7. My Uggs are fake and my husband bought me my first Dooney bag for Christmas! My kids are out of the house and I still spend tons more on them than on myself. I do get my hair cut and colored every 5 or 6 weeks...when your hair is short it is a must. I also indulge in great jeans...I love my Chico's blue jeans!


  8. You know I used to get my nails done on a regualr basis also but quit and don't know why...I think I need to start this year off with doing something for me for a change, even if something so little.