I made your bed – now lie in it!

This is Josie.

She spends her entire day in this cozy bed in my office.  The cats like to be where I am. Fortunately for them my office is in my home.  She is in cat heaven.


Meet Ozzy.


He is my rascal.  This is where he tries to spend his day.  It is slowly driving me insane.  I have trained him to lay down as soon as he jumps up, but clearly a feline on the paperwork can impede any productivity.  When it gets to be too much I scoop him up and toss him to the floor.  Over. And. Over. Again.  

Eventually he will skulk away to the nether regions under the desk.  Poor kitty.  I almost feel sorry for him.  Almost.

DSC06659Finally this past weekend I broke down and bought him his own kitty bed.  In case you are not a cat owner, there’s only one thing you need to know – cats do whatever they feel like doing.  There were no guarantees that he would use the bed.

I placed the bed as close to me as possible, basically under the return of my L-shaped desk.  One hour into working he was up in my face on my desk.  Don’t cats realize that the monitor and the human become one?  Apparently they didn’t get the memo.  I picked him up and immediately placed him the bed.  He tried to get out but I just kept petting him in all the sweet spots: the head, the neck, the chest.  Slowly he realized that he would still be near me and plopped his cute little self down.

And there he stayed for the rest of the day.


Cats 4,528.  Humans, 1.



  1. Aw...I'm a dog person, but it is about the same. Mine is always where I am. You have beautiful cats.

  2. I'm just learning about cats and computers with our first indoor kitty! Your office cats are beautiful.

  3. Both your cats are beautiful. You are lucky THEY decided to use the beds. Mine prefer to cuddle up on anything they shouldn't be on -- they know instinctively, don't they?

    _ Deborah

  4. Cute! One of my cats insists on laying on paper on my desk. Even a small post-it note. She centers it under her body and plops down......they are characters!