One Word (or maybe two)

When I think of New Year’s resolutions I conjure up images of sweaty bodies on stationary bikes and television commercials for smoking cessation aids.  We wait until January 1st and then we are supposed to give up habits that have taken years to form and perfect.  We are supposed to drop these habits like that glittery ball in Time Square.

Truth be told habits will only be shed when one is ready to give them up, only when we have made the change in our psyche and the resolve in our hearts.  For me January 1st is just a tired cliche. 
happy new year
I am however excited by the idea of goals.  More than just dropping a habit, why not set a goal and maybe lose that habit in the process?  Better yet, choose just One Word.  One word as a mantra, a goal, an intent for 2010.  I am encouraged by women out in blogland that are choosing One Word for 2010.  One word to live by.  One word to strive to reach.  Sarah at Clover Lane chose DisciplineAli Edwards chose StoryDarlene at Whimsical Years Photography is going with Soar.

My One Word? Happiness. I truly feel that if I live with happiness on the brain, things can only be better, life a bit more full, my days only more wonderful.   I’m not talking happiness just for myself, but happiness for those around me as well.  Happiness for my husband, my children, my family, friends, and co-workers.  Let’s face it, when you are happy isn’t it just a bit easier to deal with what life throws at you?

happinessflickr: andreas n 
I really want to contemplate on this word in all aspects of my life.  Will this piece of cake make me happy? Sure it will now, but not when I step on the scale.  Will me spending the evening on the computer make my husband happy?  Not as much as curling up on the couch with him to watch a movie.  Too much of life is spent worrying, bellyaching, and whining.  Life is too short to waste on such things, and I intend to be HAPPY :)

Too often I find that I am complaining about little things: the cold and snow, my aching back, an annoying person.  These little “annoyances” only serve to bring me down.  Why not look at each situation, each person with an attitude of happiness?  Happiness breeds happiness.  It is contagious and I want to spread it around!

In keeping with my happiness theme I have also chose One Word for my photography, and that word is RED

Red is a happy color. 

Red makes me happy.  It’s my favorite color.

One Word (or two):  Happiness & Red.


  1. I did this last year...and my word was "purpose". I seemed to have lost mine somewhat with my empty nest, move and forced retirement because of moving. I spent a few years feeling sorry for myself and decided to start counting those blessings instead of complaining about what I gave up. I will say it changed the way I felt. This year, my word might be "joy". Sometimes I still forget to find joy in the smallest details.


  2. What a great post and idea. Thank you for sharing. If I were to choose a word off the top of my head it would be passion. My goal this year is to live and love passionately.

  3. i love your new blog! Good for you, I'm glad you have reconciled your split personalities!

    I'm working on my one word...i'll get back w/ ya!

  4. I am so glad we have the same goal- squeal! Let me know if you get a chance to check out The Happiness Project- I think you will love it!!

  5. Welcome to your new blog! Thanks for telling me about it.

    I love the idea of choosing one word for the year. You've got me thinking now...