Senior Jazz

I wish I had a video of this to show you, but alas I do not own one of those handy-dandy Flip thingys.

Therefore, I will have to brag with my photos instead.

Hit play on the youtube video below, this is the song that these lovelies dance to for their Jazz routine.

My daughter is one of them.  I love this routine.  It is my favorite one of this season.

96990013 96990019
96990020 96990023 96990021

They compete at dance competitions with this routine, and Nationals season begins in February. 

Wish them luck.  They deserve it, they’re amazing!


  1. They look amazing! When I lived in FL I went Father Lopez High School and our dance team competed at the National level and did 'ok'... but it was neat to see all the practices and stuff. They would preform at our home games and we loved it!!

    Good luck to your amazing girl and team!!


  2. The YouTube isn't showing for me (just an empty square) but I can tell how fun this was. My daughter was in show choir for 6 years, so I remember those proud days.


  3. Good luck! I love watchign these on TV!