2010..new Year, new Blog…same ‘ole Me!

Welcome to my first Renovation of 2010 – my Blog(s)! 

As a few of you may already know, I have 2 blogs – “A Fine House” and “Ready, Set, 40!”.
I began Ready, Set, 40! in the Spring of 2009 as a way to record my thoughts, feelings, and experiences as I approached the age of 40.  It is my journal where I blog about everything from family,  friends, & my thoughts to cats, pop culture, my dreams, my anxieties, and my everyday life and my dreams.
In June I chose to start A Fine House as a way to share my love of all things House and Home.  It was also a way to connect with others who shared my same passion.
As time went on I found myself writing blog posts that I wished I could share with readers of both blogs.  I felt like my Ready, Set, 40! readers were not getting a peek into my obsession with homes, decorating, and thrifting.  I also felt like my readers from A Fine House were not getting the real me.  I began to refer to A Fine House as my “shiny, happy, blog”.  Not that Ready, Set, 40! was depressing or unhappy, it was just so much more than new curtains and craft projects.  I am so much more than my Decorating passion.  I am a Mom, a friend, a reality TV addict, a wife, a Cheer Mom, and a lover of music, photography, cats, genealogy, my family, and so much more.

Encouraged by the blogs of the wonderful Sarah, Meg, Lisa, Ashley Ann, Emerson, and many others, I decided that in 2010 it was time to get real.  Time to stop driving myself crazy maintaining two blogs, and put it all together into one.  If my “home blog” readers don’t want to hear about my family and or my thoughts on religion or LOST – that’s OK.  If my Ready, Set, 40! readers do not want to see photos of my latest garage sale finds or chair makeovers – that’s OK.

I am truly not putting these thoughts, feelings, and stories out there to gain readers (though you know I love ya!).  I am blogging for me.  For my passions, for my memories, for my family, for my sanity.

In 2010 you will get the real me, the genuine Stephanie, the authentic woman. Please don’t misunderstand, what I shared with you in 2009 WAS the real me – it was just not ALL OF ME.

In 2010 I will finally be Bona Fide.

My Ready, Set, 40! blog will remain intact where it is, at http://www.readyset40.blogspot.com/
If you have never visited Ready, Set, 40!,  I invite you to click over and take a peek.  Here are some of my favorite posts:

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For now Bona Fide will remain at the “a fine house” address, which is right where you are now!

I hope you will stay around and join me on my journey.  Welcome!


  1. Good for you, Stephanie! I've always read your A Fine House blog, but I always like to learn more about people, so I'll look forward to reading what you have to say in your future posts.

  2. Congratulations on giving birth to a new blog!!! It's a big one, so I'm guessing episiotomy? I hope you're resting up. You know from before, raising a blog can be exhausting and exhilarating!

  3. I came to check out the reason behind the name change. I didn't know you had the other blog. I am finding the same thing. I started the "mom" blog and felt as if I shouldn't put my travel stuff on it. So, I started the "Hidden Treasures of the Midwest" blog for our road trip finds. I am finding that I have so much to say on the "mom" blog and I'm often stretching for travel stuff. Plus, the friends I'm making on "I Need Mom" would probably enjoy the sights, foods and shopping that I was putting on the other blog. I was running in circles trying to keep up with both...so, I've put my other one on hold and will focus on "I Need Mom". It is the one that shares more of who I really am.


  4. I know exactly what you mean! I'm sure you'll enjoy blogging even more in 2010! Happy New Year! I love the name, Ready Set 40!... I'm almost there myself. 14 months to go... wow!