Top 9 of ‘09

I began this blog this past June as a way to share my love of all things house and home.  While it’s only been 6 months, I have managed to blog about a handful of projects.  Most of them are crafts for my home.  Some of the projects involve some light furniture makeovers.  There is nothing overly spectacular or back-breaking.  Someday when my home projects grow up they want to be like the projects done by Centsational Girl

For now my projects are modest and crafty, but oh so fun for me.

Here’s a look back at 9 of those projects:

1) Pom-Pom Tutorial – so simple to make, but such a big impact.


2) Old Trunk Makeover – My favorite project of 2009.  This little ‘ole $15 trunk looks beautiful in my sunroom. I moved it into my office recently to make room for a Christmas tree, and now I can’t bear to move it back!  If only I had two!


3) Button Artwork – This won project of the week at Kimba’s DIY Day back in August.

4) Book Cradle – I completed this project and also a small chest makeover for The Inspired Room’s Procrastinators’ Party.


5)  No-Sew Blanket – These blankets have been a huge hit with my daughter and her friends since they were 11.  That’s four years, and they are still making them at 15 and 16 years old.


6)  Pinecone Christmas Ornament I can imagine an entire tree covered in these.


7) Snowflake Tutorial – You won’t believe how simple this is until you try it for yourself.  Go ahead, give it a whirl!


8) Patio Chair Makeover – I did a simple paint job on this patio chair for the Painted Patio Furniture Party at Life In Grace.

painted patio furniture

9) Easy Button Solution – simple, creative way to display all of those buttons piling up in your drawers.

And there you have it.  9 projects for 2009.  Check my archives for other projects and crafts. 
I look forward to bigger, better, and more projects for 2010!

I am linking to The Inspired Room's Best of 2009 and to Southern Hospitaliy's Top Projects of 2009.


  1. Good Morning!

    Isn't it amazing how we start these blogs with no idea what they will turn into? I had no idea when I started the end of August that there would be such a feeling of community, or that anyone would read what I was writing.

    I love Censational Girl's stuff...so inspiring.

    My daughter told me last night that a friend made her a throw from fleece that you tie the ends. I didn't know what she meant...now I do, I'm going to try making one. I don't sew, this looks like something I can do!


  2. Ok if these are your 9 projects for 2009 count me in for the 10 of 2010! You did some amazing projects!

  3. Stephanie, these are all great projects you did! That button thing is really cute too.

  4. Such cute projects! I love that button one especially :)


  5. I love the trunk!! I am a Lost fan too!!

  6. I didn't know you made those pom pom's I love those..and everything else you make. I think it's neat you do all that because then no one else will have it. Where is the frame with all the sports buttons? It's cute.