Friday Driveby

As I leave my home to head to the nearest happy place retail area, I have to cross over this bridge on Water Street.

If you cross this bridge and make a left you will end up on this street below.  (Which has a really cool, old cemetery way at the end.  See it down there?  I thought you'd want to know in case you are into really cool, old cemeteries like I am!)

See that guardrail on the left side of the photo above?  As I pass that guardrail, I always see this out my window:

I have always wondered about the house on the side of the hill and who would want to live in "a house down by the river".  So earlier this week, I decided to pull over and take a peek at this red-roofed house.

I parked and walked to the edge of the hill and found this:

This intriuged me and I wanted to see more.  So I walked to the edge of the driveway and took a peek down the hill:

Nope, this still wasn't good enough for me.  You can't see this home while driving on the bridge and there is nowhere else to park around there, so I turned around and drove back over the bridge and left my vehicle at the park on the other side.  I decided to walk the bridge and take a peek down the river.

Just exactly how do they get the equipment down there to build homes like this one?  I have often wondered that.  This river winds round and down and all along are homes built on the sides of the enbankments.  Architectural  and Engineering mysteries, if you ask me.

I can imagine in the height of the summer this would be such a beautiful sight.  The trees in bloom, the sun shining, the river flowing high with rainwater.  I am going to have to come back next year and take a peek.  Here is what I saw when I crossed to the other side of the bridge:

See the people down there?  They parked where I did.  So naturally I wanted to be down there too.  I went back and headed down the path and stone steps, and found myself on the "waterfalls". 

I remember playing on these rocks and falls as a child.  Of course, the home down the river wasn't there when I was a kid.  I did some digging and found out it was built in 2004 and is 4,780 sq.ft. with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and a 100' wraparound deck.

Here is the view from the falls. 

How peaceful it must be to live in nature like this.  To be tucked down amongst the hillside, the river, and the wildlife.  To wake up each morning and have all of this just outside your windows.  How great to sit on your deck after a heavy spring rain and watch the river rise and rush past you in whirling torrents.  I have seen this river in the Spring, and it definitely flows high and fast.

My personal preference would be a home with tons of green grass and a huge yard, but this ain't too shabby either.

Hope you enjoyed this week's Friday Driveby. 
Have a great weekend!

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  1. what a fun little tour...thank you! I often wonder about these types of houses too. Gotta give em' credit, for building not just an ordinary house. Those river rocks and boulders are beautiful! Have a great week-end!

    Jane @ Finding Fabulous

  2. That house really is on the water. I would love to visit, but I don't do isolated well, so it wouldn't be for me on a regular basis. I like to be within screaming distance of my neighbors:)

    It would be a beautiful location when everything was in bloom or when the leaves were fall brilliant. Wow!


  3. This post made me laugh, you are a lot like me when it comes to wanting to peek at houses!! Great images from the water. Janell

  4. That is beautiful. I love that you check out all these houses. I would love to do that here...there are some really amazing houses in Carmel and Big Sur and Pacific Grove.

  5. very interesting post and great pics. I would love to imagine living there but it looks a little close to the river...