Update on the strange Friday driveby.

I've got a new little clue to the strange goings-on over at my neighborhood Driveby that I told you about here.  I was telling my parents about this curiousity and they just had to do their own driveby.  My mother recoginzed the statues! 

She said that while touring the amazing Cleveland Botanical Gardens this past summer she saw these exact statues for sale.  They were marked 40% off the orginal price of $1,000.  Each!  So I guess that means they paid $2,400 for these 4 beauties???

So now I am leaning away from fence and over to garden.  They are possibly going to make a wonderful garden on that large front lawn, and the statues are the starting point for that. 

It still doesn't answer the question that has been bugging me, which is WHY are they facing the house and not the road?  Such a strange juxtaposition.  Don't you agree?

I'll keep you posted on the construction.

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  1. Well, just because they are expensive doesn't mean they are going to add to the look of the house. I guess I think 1 stature in a fancy garden might have been more interesting. These look like soldiers. Maybe it will be a very pleasant surprise when it is done.


  2. I agree with Sue, hum...money does not always equal taste? Very odd, but then again they may have a fabulous vision. A fun saga to follow, keep us updated!!

  3. That is really interesting ... I also agree that just one statue would have probably been ok. Looking very forward to continued construction and the (hopefully) tying together of this mess! :)

  4. Hmmm. I really don't know what to say about these. What I would like to know, is if you are going to add tomb-like statuary to your front yard, is October really the month to do it? Apparently these homeowners this so!

  5. I cannot wait to see what end up happening!

  6. That is ODD! Who knows what fantabulous ideas they may have in their head? :-)
    pk @ Room Remix