Tackling the to-do list

This past weekend I really dug into my home office and tried to make some sense of it. Besides being my office for work, it is also a depository for my well-intentioned unfinished projects. So my office organization was side-tracked a bit, by my deciding to finish some of these projects.

First on my list was to finally finish my family photo wall. This is a project I began a few months ago by collecting & printing photos, and gathering together my collection of black frames. Most of the frames were from yard sales, and quite a few were black after a nice coat of either spraypaint or acrylic craft paint.

Maybe you remember my craft project where I painted paper mache letters and hung the word "family" on my wall. You can see in the photos here the "family" above the closet and bathroom doors in the hallway, and the photo next to it is the big, bare wall opposite that one. This is where I planned to hang a zillion family photos.

Well, instead of a zillion photos I chose to hang a select few of just the four of us. I am really pleased with the way it turned out. I decided to not use the photos of our parents, grandparents, cousins, etc. in this particular vignette. Those will be used as either a collage in the basement rec. room, or put in frames to adorn a tabletop in the living room. I haven't decided which.
Here is my finished project (thanks to hubby for helping me hang them). It's simple really, nothing too exciting, but it is another thing I can check off the list of unfinished projects. Ahh. Breathe.

What is that a photo of you ask? Well, it's none other than a photo booth pic of hubby & I on Prom weekend way back in 1987.

Here, have a closer look - just to embarrass myself a bit more. Don't we look so cute? We like, totally rocked the 80's!

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  1. Love the photo booth picture you both look adorable. :)

  2. I had to take my family gallery down when we decided to list our house. It was in a long hallway that connected to our great room {which we added on}. It worked out perfectly for all those pictures, shadow boxes with the hospital hats and bands, school certificates. I'm hoping to do one whenever we move and use some kind of vinyl lettering and then do some pictures {in black & white}. I can see it in my mind but that's where it has to stay for now!

  3. You were a busy woman! The display is very nice ... I not only love the 80's photo booth shots but I love the way you framed them. Great job!

  4. I think it turned out great. Love the 80's photo...I was busy having babies in the 80's, so I only remember Sesame Street! Don't you just love it when you cross something off the list?

  5. The hallway photos look great! I don't even want to step into my office - it is the pit of dispair! Love the photo strip - I need to do that with my hubby!