Hooked on Letters & Numbers

How fun is a Letters & Numbers Party? In honor of the fabulous numbers in tomorrow's date: 9/9/09, Vintage Junky is having a blog party in which we all get to show each other our Numbers and Letters. C'mon and share in the fun!!

This past weekend I added a couple more bits of vinyl art to my home. First is the finishing touch on my vintage trunk makeover that I shared with you here. I have finally finished it, and I absolutely love it! I think it makes all the difference with the trunk.

The other little piece of vinyl art I added this weekend was the monogram "T" to this tray. I picked up this little, black tin tray at a yard sale for less than a dollar. I added the "T" and had planned on removing the little feet from the tray and hanging it on the wall. However, I really like it here on the Hall Chest in the front foyer. What do you think?

Well, those are the latest letters and numbers that I have added to my home.
Last week I shared with everyone my vinyl art words here & a couple of months ago I told you about my paper mache "family" here. Click the links to hear about these fun "letters" on my walls. Below is a collage of these past projects.

It's so fun to add elements like letters, numbers, and interesting objects to your decor. When I was younger I thought only photos and prints belonged on the walls - well not anymore!

How about you? Do you have any letters or numbers to share? They don't have to be vinyl art. They could be wood, paper mache, painted, photographed or any other way you have come up with. We are only limited by our imaginations!
Share your letters and numbers with the Vintage Junky's "Letters & Numbers Party".
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  1. I love the "T" ... very pretty. And the No.4 looks really cute on that trunk - what a good way to spruce it up!

  2. I love the tray, what a great idea. You did a great job on the trunk, I can't believe it is the same piece. I have no letter or numbers...I'm feeling bad about that today!

  3. OH MY!!! I love, love, love your trunk!!! It is so fabulous!
    Thanks for joining in!


  4. That trunk looks amazing and the No. 4 is the icing on the cake. Love the tray too. The letters and numbers were the perfect addition to your pieces.

  5. You did a fabulous job on the trunk. It looks great. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. New to your blog and I love your trunk! I have one almost identical! Almost the same color! Seriously. It was my grandfather's tool chest for his railroad job. I have wanted to re-do it for some time now. You have TOTALLY inspired me! Thanks!

  7. LOVE your vintage trunk and all of your wall words! ;) Thanks for visiting me and for your sweet compliment!


  8. I love what you did with that trunk. It looks fantastic.

  9. LOVE that trunk! Where do you find your vinyl appliques?

  10. Very cool! I love the trunk and your front door. I have seen this on front doors lately and really love how homey and welcoming it looks.

  11. Beautiful trunk and I love words on the walls! I love everything in your house! :-)


  12. Love the collection of letters and numbers...the trunk is great!