Spray Painting in Style

How cute are these gloves? These are "latex cleaning gloves". My parents picked these up for me at World Market (sorry no link, I couldn't find them on website). Is my mother trying to tell me something? Is my house that noticeably dirty? These were the questions that I asked my mother.

She knows me so well. Of course she meant them to be worn for "all of my little projects". She's concerned about all of the solvents and toxins in the spray paints and chemicals that I have been working with lately. So today when I pulled out the spray paints to work on my mother's coat racks & key rack (hmm...I knew there was a hint in there somewhere), I donned these gloves.

I loved them! They covered my arms up to my elbows & looked ever so stylish. It was so nice not to have to scrub (& scrub & scrub) my hands and arms when I was finished spraying.

Thank you Mom & Dad for the cute gloves, and I can't wait to bring your projects over to you!

When a girl gets her nails did every few weeks, it's nice to have gloves protecting those Cha-Ching Cherry nails.

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  1. I have some cute ones like that. Mine have zebra stripes though. Got 'em at Wal Mart and LOVE them!

  2. Oh they are almost too cute to get paint and stuff on them! Don't you just love treats from mom?


  3. How cute! Don't you just love moms and their subtle ... or not so subtle hints sometimes?! :)

  4. Jane @ FindingFabulousSeptember 10, 2009 at 5:10 PM

    What fun gloves! Makes starting a project less daunting somehow.

  5. How cute they are! Moms, always with their subtle hints ~ LOL! I'm always looking around for those disposable gloves that I know we have somewhere in the garage.

  6. Love those gloves too(I have some also)I think they are too pretty to get paint on them :)

  7. It's the simple things! I'll always go for a good punch of pattern over plain jane- my keys, hammer, and grocery bags all have fun and unexpected patterns.