Hooked on PomPoms

My 15 yr. old daughter and I are slowly, step-by-step getting her room just the way she wants it. We painted the walls right when we moved into our home in early 2008. Since that time it has been a fun evolution of color. She started out with pink accents and finally found an aqua & lime green bedding set at Target that she really loved.

Inspired by AshleyAnn at Under the Sycamore I decided to make some fun and easy pom-poms to hang above Lizzie's bed. They turned out so cute that I am totally hooked on them and plan to make some more for my soon-to-be Craft Room.

Materials needed:
  • colored tissue paper - ($1.99 for a pack of 20 sheets of 18"x26" at Target)
  • white tissue paper - already had in the house.
  • pipe cleaners- already had in the house
  • clear stretchy cord ($2.49 for a 9 yard spool at JoAnn's)
  • clear pushpins - already had in the house.
  • scissors
Step 1 is to stack 10 sheets of tissue paper and lay flat. Accordian fold the tissue along the width of the paper. Make your folds approx. 1 1/2" thick.

When your folding is complete, secure the center tightly with a pipe cleaner or even florists wire.

You should now have something that resembles the photo below. Cut your ends either to a point as I did, or rounded to give it a softer look:

Now start on one end and open up your folds like so:

Then one at a time begin to separate your layers of tissue:

Do this to both ends, fluffing as you go, until you end up with something like this:

(I did this next step after my pom-pom was formed, but it would be MUCH easier to do this step AFTER you secure the center, and BEFORE you start to seperate the tissue).

Simply tie one end of your clear cord around the pipe cleaner center and tie a secure knot. Then cut the cord leaving enough length to hang it at your desired height from the ceiling. I tied a loop at my desired length, wrapped the cord around my pushpin, and stuck it into the ceiling.

Here is the first one, all hung up and looking lonely:

Along with my pom-poms I also hung (1) zebra patterned Paper Lantern that I purchased at World Market for $6.99. They sell the lantern separate from the lighting kit. Since I don't intend on lighting the lantern I only had to pay the $6.99 and got a nice compliment to the tissue pompoms.

Here is Lizzie's view when laying on her bed:

I absolutely love it and so does she!! You can see that I chose my colors to match her walls and bedspread. I even mixed my Aqua & Lime tissues with White to make a multi-colored one.

So simple!

So inexpensive!

So fun!

I will share photos with you as we move on to the walls and the accesories in her room.

I am sharing this with Hooked on Fridays over at Julia's Hooked on Houses
, because I am so hooked on pom-poms :)

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  1. Oh Stephanie that is the Cutest! I love love love the colors and love how you added the zebra print to it! Beautiful! I bought me some paper lanterns on clearance at Michaels for .49 each and want to do something cute and fun like this in my craft room. I love yours, I have to try the pom poms, they are the cutest!

  2. They turned out so cute! My daughter would have loved those a few years ago. She might even like them now. They would also make a great topper for a larger wrapped gift. Thanks!


  3. I loved those paper flowers as a kid and forgot how easy and fun they are to make, thanks for the reminder. I think I will make a ton of them for my next party.

    (found you via Julia's Hooked on Fridays links)

  4. Thanks for your comment on my post. When you go to NY you must take the girls here, it is so cute and girly - for girls of all ages (i.e., moms too!): http://www.sweetiepierestaurant.com/

  5. Those are soooo cute and fun for a girls room. I'm hosting a baby shower next month and plan on making a bunch for it. She can use them in the baby's room and maybe I'll make a few extras for myself.

  6. they look incredible! good idea!

  7. I'm impressed..., these look great. So much fun!

  8. Those pom poms are a great idea suspended like that. Unusual color scheme! Nice job!

  9. What a fantastic job!!! I love it and I might have to make a few of them for party decorations.
    Thanks for the tutorial!


  10. Now you have me hooked on tissue paper pom-poms too!! I remember making them years ago when I was a kid :-)

    I like how you've hung them at different lengths from the ceiling. Such a pretty view your daughter has when she's lying in bed :-)

    The zebra print lantern is a nice & funky touch :-) I'm looking forward to seeing what else you have planned for the room.

    Thanks for checking out my Bluenose post. I'm sure you'll love Newfoundland. My dad went there earlier this spring and said it was awesome :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  11. I love them! The colors are awesome!

  12. Amazing!! You make it look easy! Cause I know its not. At least, not for me. And those colors are so great!!

    God bless-

  13. Those turne out really cute and they look so neat hanging from the ceiling too! Have a great weekend.

  14. They look amazing, and the colors! I better not show MY daughter unless I want to take on a similar project myself!

  15. Those are just adorable! And really pack a punch! I love the drama they create.

    Wonderful idea.

  16. I just love pom poms. I never have the patience to make them and whenever I buy anything with them on, invariably they fall off at some point, but I still love them - they are fun - as is your post so thank you

  17. Love them - thanks for this tutorial - I have a baby shower to decorate for and just may use this idea!

  18. I'm posting late, but my daughter and I just hung the pom poms in her room and they are soooo cute! Right up her alley. She already had a lantern hanging with some random (but very beautiful) pieces of her artwork and the colors we chose really pulled them together. Thank you, not only for the beautiful result, but the fun we had doing it together!

  19. Jenniferina,
    We'd love to see your pom-poms! Email me some photos or link us to a post. I bet they are beautiful.