Mama Knows Best

Saturday was not a great day for me. Despite the summer heat & sun I fell into a bit of a funk. I (and my family) have stopped trying to figure out my occasional "funks". It is what it is, and we just deal with it. This past Saturday my way to deal was to head over alone to my parent's home. This always makes everything seem right to me. I don't know why, it just does the trick.

I was no sooner sitting at my parent's kitchen table then my mom uttered those magical words, "Do you want to go on a bike ride"? I don't know how moms do it, but somehow we always know the right thing to say or do - at least my mom does.

On the way out back to get the bikes we oooohed and aaaahed over the wildflower seed that her neighbor threw (and I mean literally threw) against the fence. Mom definitely benefited from those seeds! The results are so bright and cheery poking their heads through the neighbor's chain-link fence.

After Dad added some air to the tires, Mom & I were off on our little bike adventure. We actually only rode down the street a mile or so, but it might as well have been a different world.

Don't you just love an old barn? I do! Something about the old wood, and the faded red paint, and the slate tile roof - it just is so peaceful to me.

Then we headed off down Main St. to "Byers' Pond". I know you'd think with a name like Main St. this would be all hustle and bustle, but somehow this particular country road is called Main Street.

We found some blackberries; some sweet & some tart. This is also where I had a little snake slither past my foot. He was too little & too quick to capture a photo of.

HELLLOOO!?!?!?! Do you see what I see??? THE LEAVES ARE STARTING TO TURN. Nooooo!!! It's only August!!!!!!

And of course you can't ride a bike, or talk a walk, or drive a car down Main St. without seeing the deer. They are everywhere. Last week I saw about 20 of them behind that white garage - all at the same time!!

Here we are about an hour later pedaling back down Mom's driveway, with the neighbors wildflowers to greet us.

I find that sometimes it is OK to step away. To relax. To escape just a bit. It's not really an escape, but more of a recharging of my spirit, or my soul. It's good for me, and it 's good for my family. I went home a much calmer, happier mama & wife. Just what I (and we) needed.
Thank you Mom. I love you.

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  1. I get in funks, too. Its so easy to get in a "rut" and going to see my parents usually makes me feel better, too! So glad you were able to have a lovely day ... with lovely pictures to go with it! Have a great week, friend!

  2. I know you you mean @ the funks...thank goodness for Moms! They always make things better. Great pics; thanks for sharing. Just looking at them brightened my mood!

  3. Moms do seem to always know - maybe because they've been there themselves. I sometimes get into these funks or down days myself and nothing really sets it off. I think sometimes it's just the stress of everything we have to do and you do need a break every now and then. Love your scenic pictures and I'm glad the snake was quick - I'm happy enough to not see one!

  4. I neve hurts to have a little mom and me time. I don't do it often enough!