Stone In Love

I am not sure when it began but I have always had a fascination with stone. The houses with partial stone facades or stone walls in the yard, these are the homes that catch my eye.

The YMCA Dream House which I shared with you here has a stone exterior. For new home construction these stone facades are just that - a facade. It is made of a light-weight aggregate material and it is about 1/4 the weight of the full-thickness stone. It is much more cost effective, but gives the same look don't you agree?
In comparison, here is an old home that actually has traditional stone walls:
Whether it is a home exterior, or a fireplace, or a wall, I just love the look of stone. This seems somewhat odd for me since I am all about the green and the outdoors and the flowers, flowers, flowers. Stone is part of nature though, so maybe that explains it. The trees and the botanicals are balanced nicely with the stone. Nature always finds that balance.

With slate, granite, sandstone, shale, marble , and so many others, there are a myriad of choices of colors, sizes, and shapes.
L.A. Times blog
Country Living

How gorgeous are these next examples of old stone interior walls? So comfy, warm, and inviting.

Country Living

Kurfiss Properties

Country Living

Country Living
Some more gorgeous images of nature's balance:

Country Living

This would have to be my favorite configuration for stone, which is when it is layered horizontally and stacked in this way. I have seen it on fireplaces and on home exteriors as in the photos below.

Schaefer Remodeling

Southwest Stoneworks

In the next photo is an example of the stone I have chosen to add into my little world. I do not have a stone facade on my home, but that doesn't mean I can't add it into the landscaping. Right? Actually, when I spoke to our landscaper about doing exactly this in my front garden bed he tried to talk me into the block-like pavers that connect together. Something about support & drainage & longevity. OK? But what about what I love? I don't care if a torrential downpour will cause me to spend a Saturday afternoon replacing some loose stones - this is what I want, and hopefully the hubby & I can DIY this next spring or summer:

Just a bit of stone to add to the Fine House. I think it will balance nicely and will satisfy my obsession with stone.

How about you? Have you balanced your surroundings with stone? Do any of you have stone on your home's exterior? If so, I'd love to see it!

What makes you oooh and aaaah as you drive through a neighborhood looking at homes? Or am I the only one with that obesession as well?
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  1. I like to see stone on houses where it's just around the entrance area when the rest of the house is vinyl sided. It is most likely the facade type stone {not full stone}, but I think it helps break up long expanses of vinyl siding. They seem to do that a lot in my area.

  2. Wow Stephanie...just beautiful! I also live in a brick home and would die for stone. Your one lucky Mamma!!

  3. Oh Jane, I would love to claim one of these homes as my own, but alas these are just me dreaming about stone homes. The last photo of the brick home is a pic of what I would like to do with my landscaping, but it's not my home.
    I'll post pics of my home's exterior & landscaping some time soon.

    Kathy, same goes here. There are a lot of homes in my area with just a portion of the front that is covered in stone, and vinyl siding on the rest (like my next door neighbor).

  4. I live in the limestone capital of the world (or so the welcome sign says, lol) and we have some gorgeous stone homes here. It's amazing how everything old here is limestone, our sideway in front of the house and down the side is even large stone slabs instead of concrete. I love our pillars, steps, foundation and retaining wall; they are part of the reason we bought the house.

  5. I love it in the landscape and exteriors. Seems more natural when it's connected to the ground.

  6. I totally agree, I love, love, love stone houses, and landscaping with stone...much more earthy, natural, and appealing to the eye!:)