Sunday at the Frostville Museum

This past Sunday, August 9th, summer finally arrived in Northeast Ohio. It was finally hot & humid. We have been waiting months, heck we have been waiting since last summer. The temperatures finally broke 90 degrees, which is wonderful to me.

I spent the day with my daughter & my husband. We began our Sunday as we do many Sundays - out for breakfast. Yummy! This week I chose the fresh fruit plate & oatmeal with raisins.

For you coffee lovers out there - I DO NOT share your passion. Coffee? Yuck! My morning "cup o'joe"? Iced cold Diet Pepsi - ooooh yeah.

After breakfast we headed to the Annual Fine Arts Festival at the Frostville Museum in North Olmsted, OH. The museum is home to the Olmsted Historical Society and consists of seven buildings including 4 houses, a General Store, a Church, and a Display Barn.

The Fine Arts were beautiful, but nothing out of the ordinary. There was the usual assortment of pottery, watercolors, photography, & tons of jewelry booths. Nothing that I hadn't seen before.

Here is the General Store, which is a reproduction of a general store from days gone by. Loads of interesting old items on display.

In the attached barn were this an old pump fire engine & also this old hearse. For someone like me that is fascinated by old cemeteries & genealogy, I found this hearse to be so intriguing.

This is the Carpenter House, circa. 1830. It is not original to the site, but was moved here from another area in Olmsted in 1987. Pretty fancy digs for 1830, don't you think?

Love the old sewing machine & ironing board. Not so much on their ultra creepy manequins.

Here is the children's room full of old toys & furniture.

The barn is a contemporary building, but it is a barn & it is my favorite color red, so it deserves a mention.

Lastly we toured the church. This was built by Methodists in 1847. Congregationalists took over the church in 1871. It was moved to Frostville in 2005. The church seats up to 140 people and is still available for weddings for the cost of $450 for rehearsal & ceremony.

I love visiting Frostville, which is literally down the road from my home. By the way, the museum & property are named Frostville after Elias Carrington Frost who settled here in 1819 and opened a post office in 1929.

Since it was the hottest day of 2009 so far we of course had to end the day with a trip for ice cream, and this sign called to us like a beacon in the night:

Chocolate --- of course!

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  1. Thanks for taking us along. Loved the general store. The whole place was interesting. I think it would be fun to run a place like that.