Button overload

Kimba has invited us to a DIY Party! Yea!

What to do with all of those buttons?

You know the ones that come with your kids' sports photo packages?

I proudly displayed her soccer button on my chest while rooting her on from the sidelines.
I was adorned with his football buttons every year for 7 years.

Well, once I was done with them they got thrown in a box. Eventually after years of football, basketball, baseball, cheerleading, & soccer I had accrued quite a collection.

Again I ask: what to do with all of those buttons?

I decided to once again proudly display them for all to see. Except this time they will be displayed on a wall instead of pinned to my chest.
I began with a 10"x20" picture frame that I had in the house.

I painted it black with my trusty black spray paint.

I then got some inexpensive cream-colored heavy duty cotton fabric & some fabric batting and wrapped them around the piece of glass that was in the frame. I secured them tightly on the back of the glass with painters tape:

Now my glass was ready to go back into the frame:

Here is what the the frame then looked like. You have the choice of using it vertically or horizontally.

Next you take your buttons which conveniently each have a pin on the back:

Begin attaching by poking the backpins into the fabric. There's no need to close the pins on the back of the button. The button will be secure in the fabric and batting.

And voila, a peice of art for your walls. It seems such a shame to shove the buttons into drawers or boxes, especially when the actual photos are already in the scrapbooks or albums.

The kids and their friends get a kick out of seeing them at all different ages in all of their sports. It's a great timeline to display in a relatively small space. Also, if you use a decent size frame you will have room to add to your collection. The kids will get a kick out of adding their buttons at the end of the sports season.

Make one for each child and hang it in their bedroom.
Or like me, you can put all of the buttons from all of the kids (in my case 2) into one frame and display it for all to see. Mine will eventually get hung in our basement rec. room (as soon as the walls get painted).

Have fun!!
And don't forget to visit Kimba's DIY Day over at ASPTL.


  1. Great idea. There must be zillions of those buttons in drawers all across America.

  2. Great idea - although I'm having flashbacks to my denim jacket circa 1987 - ha ha ha!

  3. This is a cute idea! Visiting from Kimba's Party!

  4. This is a fantastic idea. I may have to borrow it. Thanks for sharing it today!

  5. Cute. I hate those buttons, but now I might actually tolerate them. :)

  6. Great idea to get those buttons out of storage.

  7. Cute idea! Somehow that pretty frame and background make all those buttons look less like flair!

  8. Love it! What a creative way to display the buttons. Thank you for sharing!