3 or more Tuesday

Today is my first time joining Three or More Tuesday over at The Gypsy's Corner. I thought I would begin by sharing with you my love of collecting Salt & Pepper Shakers. I'm not sure when that began, but it was probably the first time I found an interesting pair and then it grew from there. Each time I would visit an estate sale or garage sale I would check to see what unique set of shakers I could find. The milk jugs above are my most recent find.

You know a pair of shakers is old when there is a cork plug in the bottom, like the spinning wheel above. Funny, but I always find pairs that have 1 cork stopper, but never both.

I fell in love with this old California Oranges set. It's still wrapped in the original plastic and is probably from sometime in the 1970's.

Around the same time I found the Oranges, I also found these Texas Boots in their original box. I. Love. Them. To me they are just so unique & cute!

I love the pink flowers and the detail on this pair. Again, only 1 cork stopper with this set.
My favorite of all: my Strawberry Girl. She was all alone playing the "I'm all alone" blues on her little banjo. I had to have her. Someday I will come across her mate. I am sure he's lurking somewhere on Ebay, but I'm waiting a bit to see if I come across him myself. The thrill of the hunt, you know?
Thanks for checking out my little collection and now go visit The Gypsy's Corner to check out all the fun on Three or More Tuesday.


  1. What a fun little collection and so KITCH!

  2. What a lovely collection you got there. Variety of salt and pepper container. Happy 3 or more Tuesday and thanks for sharing.

  3. I have a small S & P collection too. Was checking out the rest of your blog and saw the bit about the SW Restrained Gold. I think I'm one color up the chip with Blonde in my living room. I love that paint chip!

  4. Hi Stephanie, all your salt and pepper shakers are great. Fab collection.


  5. Oh I love s&p shakers! Your oranges are my fave and you've really gotten some interesting pieces. Fun post!

  6. S & P shakers are a great thing to collect because there are so many different themes to follow. I wouldn't want to be the one dusting a big collection though.

  7. wow.. very unique S&P.. and super cute too!