Las Vegas

So here I am the night of day 2 in Vegas. Yes, I am here on a Business Trip, but still havin fun none the less. Flight out here was uneventful, I slept most of the way which is good cuz I really don't like to fly.  We flew over the Rocky  Mountains - so beautiful.  We also flew over the Grand Canyon - amazing.  Couldn't believe how big it was, it just went on forever.  I have never been to the Grand Canyon (YET), but I was glad I got to see it first from the air, kinda like seeing the big picture (haha). Then about 3 minutes before we landed we flew over the Hoover Dam - (don't have time for a damn tour, but that's ok - hahahaha, had to add that, all you Vegas Vacation fans will get that joke).
So after we got to Vegas, we cruised on over to Red Rock Country Club in our cute little silver PT Cruiser.  I left Chuck there so he could spend the afternoon golfing with his buddy Herbie, and then I was on my own.  It's really pretty out here, mostly dirt and rock, but very scenic.  I never realized it before, but for those of you that have never been to Vegas (like me), it is in a Canyon (or valley) so there are hills circling the entire valley.  Like I said, pretty scenic.  Anyway, I left and drove by myself to the Vegas strip.  Mmmmmm.....pretty much just a very busy congested street lined with hotels and tourist attracttions, not much different than any other tourist town that I have been to. I was hugely underwhelmed.  Although, to be fair to Sin City, I was alone and it was the middle of the day.  I am sure when we get there at night, it will be all lit up, and lots of fun.  So I parked at Treasure Island and walked around Treasure Island, the Mirage, and the Venetian.  The hotels are huge, full of restaurants, shops, and of course giant casinos.  I have waited all my life to go to Vegas and play the slots, So yea, I dropped about $60 in a 1/2 hour on Slot machines and and was suddenly very disallusioned with Slots.  Life time dream all shot to hell!!  I realized that they are all computerized, and therefore programmed for me to lose. Then walked around some more, went in some shops, went and got the car, drove to the end of the strip and back, and that was pretty much it. 
Then I headed back to Red Rock to meet the guys for dinner.  Had to make a quick pitstop at the In & Out Burger (shut the fuck up Donny) to buy my son a t-shrit, and got pulled over by a cop while doing so.  Apparently I was driving in a turning lane (that was unmarked & continues for miles), but he let me go, so all is good.
Got back to Red Rock and got a quick tour of the 17th and 18th hole on the golf cart with Chuck.  Right up against the red hills (hence the name Red Rock). Rolling along in the golf cart looking at the homes that cost anywhere from $3 million to $12 million. Apparently along this golf course is the most expensive place to buy a home in Vegas.  The homes are amazing but they are closer together than the homes in my neighborhood, which is pretty damn close.  But amazingly beautiful.
It was so hot out there, it was about 108 today, but it really is true what they say about the dry heat.  Walking outdoors feels like standing in front of a very large furnace vent, and tons of hot air is just blowing in your face. But it is not uncomfortable, exhausting, or oppresive like the humid heat of Cleveland.
So then out to an Italian restaurant with Chuck & Herbie, lost $40 more playing the Blackjack table and then to our home away from home.  My cousin Stewart is married to Jaime (hi jaime!!), and Jaime grew up in Vegas and we are staying with her mom Carrie, who is as sweet as could be and makes us feel right at home.   I'm a little disappointed we are not staying in a hotel on the Strip, but it is quiet and relaxing here and she does have a gorgeous in-ground pool in her backyard. 
So anyway, that was all yesterday, and I am too tired to even get into today, which was our first exciting (NOT) day of Sales Meetings. So all of that will have to wait until tomorrow.  I miss everyone especially Steve & the kids. (Love you guys).  I'm gonna take a dip in the pool and call it a night.  It is 10:45 PM here, which is 1:45 AM Ohio time, so I am drained.

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