10 things about me

10 weird / random facts/ habits/goals about me.

1) I have Restless Leg Syndrome. For those of you that don't know what that is, it's the uncontrollable urge to move or twitch your legs.  Some people have it really bad and suffer 24/7. I have a mild case and only get like that in the evening when i get tired and should be in bed. but it has gotten alot worse since i quit smoking - which leads me to 2.
2). I am now officially a non-smoker. I had my last cigarette on oct.8th, so it's been over 2 months. i still miss it some days, but i quit with the help of chantix, which is the new non-smoking drug, and it helped me so much. I would recommend it to anyone - OMG - it was a breeze compared to the last time i quit. So i'm keeping my fingers crossed that i am officially an ex-smoker for life!
3) i have sleep issues. i think it might be sleep apnea, but i literally toss and turn all night, and then walk around in a fog and fatigued all day long. sooner or later, i will wise up and go see the doctor. i really think if i could get help, it would drastically improve my quality of life. (Wait a minute, I wonder if this has anything to do with Fact 1  !?!?!?!)
4) i am totally OCD with the hand washing thing. I HATE, HATE to use public restrooms, cuz of the whole germ thing. before i wash my hands, i get the paper towels ready to go. I turn off the water with my arm. WHY, OH WHY, do the doors on public restrooms open in?  that forces me to grab the door handle rather than just pushing the door open with my body. i put my hand in my sleeve or the bottom of my shirt and then grab the door handle.  I have also have my daughter conditioned to do the same thing! whenever i return home from somewhere, the very first thing i do when i walk in the house is wash my hands.
5) I am a Genealogist. What is that you ask? It is someone that studies and researches their ancestry. I have gone back pretty far on the family tree. my ancestors come from canada, england, france, holland, ireland, poland, & germany.  So basically I am a mutt!  I have found some interesting things, like my great-great-great-great grandfather was a "diamond cutter", and that my great-great grandmother's official cause of death was "suicide by poison" ewww!!  I have also learned that my ancestors were strong and even survived the cholorea epidemic in england, and some of them came to America poor and alone. WE HAVE NO IDEA HOW EASY WE HAVE IT NOWADAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!
6) I suffer from an extreme case of Wanderlust! I long to see the world, travel to exotic lands, experience different cultures, meet different people, see what this big, wide world has to offer. my husband steve as no desire to travel anywhere, so i need a traveling companion, any takers?? if not, i will seriously go it alone!
7) I am obsessed with popping zits. I know it sounds so gross, but no zit should go unpopped.  When I am talking to someone that has a giant whitehead on their face or arm, i have to look the other way, because it literally drives me insane!  My poor family doesn't get away that easily. i tell them to go do something with that zit, or they will have me pinching at them in a minute. Now, it's not like I would ever pop someone else's zits (except my husband), that is totally disgusting (going back to the whole germ thing), but I cannot look at you if you have a whitehead - sorry!
8) I am totally addicted to HGTV. I watch it all: makeover shows, real estate shows, clean up your goddamn mess shows, decorating shows, etc.  I could watch HGTV 24/7.  My favorites are 'House Hunters' & 'My House is Worth What'?  Which leads me to Fact 9, which is...........
9) My dream job is to be a Real Estate Agent.  I would love, love, love to sell houses. I think I would be good at it. I took a Real Estate Law class in college, and since then it just fascinates me. I went once to a seminar held by Realty One, but decided it wasn't the right time to switch careers (do i even have a career now?). And now that my kids are older it would perfect, but the real estate market is so bad currently, that i don't think it's the right time for me now - will it ever be??
10) My husband steve is my best friend. we have been together since high school, and as hokey & corny as it sounds, i love him more & more every day. he is my best friend, my confidant, my lover, and my everything. he sooo totally gets me, he knows everything there is to know about me, and yet he still loves me - go figure??

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