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I opened my reader and I had 732 posts awaiting me.  That, and the fact that I haven't posted since March, is a clear indication that life has gotten busy for me.  Since starting the full-time job in February it has taken me this long to adjust - almost 6 months.  

Since that time lots has been going on:

My baby boy, Stevie, turned 21.  I won't even get into the melancholy that that event threw me into.  Oh, the time.  It sure does fly.

My sister Rachael gave birth to her first, Leom Thomas on June 8th.  He is perfection.

My Lizzie has turned 16. Acccckkkk!  She is completely obsessed with cars and thinks her dad should get her a TrailBlazer.  She'll even settle for the earlier Blazer (if she must).  Yeah right!!  Check out the bracelet and little blue box from her grandma!

I sent her off on plane with her best friend to Pensacola.  Just the two of them.  Changing planes.  In. Atlanta.  I felt like a bad mom until I heard that her girlfriend Gabby flew alone to Spain this month to visit her father.  Whew!  Flordia doesn't seem so bad now.

She also marched in the July 4th parade with her cheer team.

My mother became an official member of her beloved Church that she has been attending for years.  She was surrounded by her husband, children, grandchildren, and friends.  It was definitely a special day for her!

Last week my husband's brother and his family came in from Philly and spent the week at our house.  It was so great to spend time with our nephews. They come in every July to visit and endure enjoy the big annual family reunion of Steve's side of the family.

My son and godson - Stevie and Kyle.

Last, but most definitely not least, I have won the award for BEST AND MOST COOLEST MOM OF THE YEAR.  For my daughter's 16th Birthday I bought her a ticket to Lady Gaga.  Not just any ticket, but a ticket and pass into the "Little Monster Zone".  (If you have to ask, you wouldn't understand).   

She was in heaven and made a memory that will last a lifetime.  (Now let's see how long "best mom ever" will last. lol)


Have a great Sunday!!

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