Treading water

It has been two weeks since I last posted. Ack!
That is pretty much an indication of how my life has been going lately.
This new full-time gig has me treading water, trying to stay afloat.
Now that I am career mom, I dream that I somehow should feel like this:
Instead I actually feel more like this:
While getting used to this new sleepless schedule I have had time to enjoy a few things,
like their beautiful wedding:
An evening spent with this cutie:
And a fun-filled girls’ weekend away enjoying this:
If you recall my post about these beauties, I have finally gotten my hands on a video of the actual performance.

I have also found some time to enjoy this:
and this:
Right now I am just making it through day by day, which IS getting easier each week.
I am also anticipating going back here in a few weeks:
(I think it might be easier to keep my head above water in that ocean than where I am at right now.)


  1. I can't imagine trying to balance it all again. I keep telling people that my blog is turning into a full time job for no pay! Lucky for me I love doing it. I'm sure it will all get easier the longer you do it. Change is hard...but often really good. A paycheck must be great! I miss mine:)

    A little sun and sand will be good for you I'm sure. Enjoy!

  2. I'd wondered where you'd been! No pressure, but I hope you have time to show pictures of some of your spring decor. Oooh, now I feel bad I even mentioned it! Just keep trying to do your best, and good luck!

  3. I agree with Sue, blogging is a full time job! I admire you for going back to work though-you knew that the time was right so just try to have some fun and enjoy every moment that you can with your beautiful family.

    Best wishes always,

  4. I liked that video, it was sweet when they were all up on one leg and just fell. I'd like to see Liz perform sometime :] I hope you guys have fun in SC and try to relax a little.

    ps: Your blog design is cute :]

  5. Hang in there steph! It wil lget easier!!
    We all miss hearing from you but boy do I understand
    I am having a giveaway so venture over and peek if you get a spare minute.

  6. Looks like you've been having fun at least!