Thoughts for a Friday

Today is my last Friday forrreeevvvveerrrrrr! (name that movie).  At least it feels like I’m saying goodbye to Friday forever.  I have always had my Fridays off, and now next week I begin my full-time job.  I am going to miss my Fridays. 

Saturdays and Sunday are special, but those belong to Steve and the kids.  “My Fridays” were MINE.  So today I will spend my last Friday doing what I love to do on Fridays:  on the computer, cleaning my house, getting my nails done, and maybe a little reading.


I will leave you with a few random thoughts for this cold and snowy Friday:

shutter sisters shutter sisters: tracey clark

~Have you visited the Shutter Sisters?  A talented group of women come together to share their photographic artistry and talent.  Each day’s post is more than just a photo however, it is a photo essay.  Beautifully photographed, beautifully photo-shopped post-processed, beautiful words.

Here is a video from today’s post.  Being a Woman is a Gift.


Blissdom.  Is anyone else sick of hearing about Blissdom?  Yes, I know what it is.  Yes, I am happy for you that you get to travel to the beautiful Opryland Hotel in beautiful Nashville and spend an entire weekend away from home with other Bloggers.  But really?  It’s a bit of overkill. 

Dear Blissdom Attendees,

Kindly keep the pre-Blissdom chatter and excitement to Emails amongst yourselves and then later bestow upon us non-attendees a nice, neat, tidy ReCap Post.  We are just a bit envious bored hearing about Blissdom.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

The Non-Attendees



flickr: gkriniaris

Are you a lingerer or a fly-by?

My friend Lori wrote a lovely post about the difference between “doing” it all and “experiencing” it all.

It’s worth a read.


Here is some Friday Linky Love for you:

Centsational Girl shared via twitter that we can get free shipping at Ballard Designs through March 31st with Code: THFB10FS.

One of my favorite blog reads is Clover Lane.  The lovely Sarah Turner from Clover Lane was interviewed all this week on the Incredible Women blog.  It’s always fun to learn more about your favorite bloggers.

Speaking of learning more about bloggers, feel free to pop over here and ask me anything you would like.  (Thank you to Katie Maddie for getting me hooked on this site, so now I am fully immersed in all of this Social Media nonsense!)


I wish you all a Happy Friday.  It is now 11:49 AM here in Ohio, and I plan to go enjoy my last Friday!


  1. Oooh! Ooooh! I know that one! It's from SANDLOT, right? I'm sorry you are losing your Fridays. Best of luck with going full time!

  2. I didn't realize you already had a job lined up. What are you going to be doing?

    I have to say that the Opryland Hotel is one of my favorite places to stay. We've been there many times...love Nashville. But, I'm not going...so, I'll just be envious too.


  3. Ruth, Yes! That's it - Sandlot! Love that movie!

    Sue - yep, I start the job next Friday. I'm excited. I'll be working in an office, nothing super exciting. The excitement comes in having my first full-time job ever.

  4. Ok, I seriously need to go back and read your previous posts...I feel so behind!

    I hope that full-time employment brings you much happiness and satisfaction and that it doesn't take you away from your wonderful blog!

    Best wishes for a happy weekend, Natasha.