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This morning I am taking a break from all things Christmas to talk about a basic need we all have:  Storage Solutions.

Since we moved into our home in early 2008 we have been accumulating boxes in the unfinished side of our basement.  Boxes that have not been upacked, boxes of memoribilia, boxes of holiday decor, etc.  You name it, it's down there in one big heap.  You know what I am talking about, right?  We all have boxes and piles of stuff in our basements or storage sheds or garages.

Well last week my husband was on vacation and he simply can't stand to lounge around and do nothing.  So he decided to tackle the basement chaos. 

Take some plywood, a few 2'x4's, and some power tools:

Add to that a handsome, handy husband:

And he begins to build.

This guy of mine really is a jack-of-all-trades.  If you will indulge me a few moments of boasting, seriously, this man can build anything, fix anything, tile, paint, rewire, and create just about anything at all.  (As long as it doesn't involve heights, right sweetie?)

Below is the beginnings our new storage wall.   See that mess behind it?  That is some of what I am talking about.   I wish I had taken a photo just to the left of this.  That is where the bins and boxes were piled high on the floor.

Here is the area where the storage is going.  This is to the left of the laundry area and leads to a door down at the other end.  Whatever storage is built here needs to be narrow and long.

And now this is what I have.  I am simply tickled pink!

It might not look that imposing in the photos, but it reaches floor to ceiling and stretches 8' long.  He kept it at just 2' deep.  This is deep enough to accomdate boxes, yet narrow enough to leave plenty of room to walk between the shelves and the wall across from it. 

Sure we could have gone out and bought shelving units (we actually did shop around for them), but why spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars when about $50 and an afternoon of work can create this?

I can fit 5 very large plastic tubs underneath.  Plastic most obviously goes directly onto the floor in case of water damage of any sort.  (knock on wood)

Here are my Autumn Florals temporarily awaiting a plastic case, or most likely a plastic trash bag.  Large trash bags are great for storing wreaths, you just put them inside and close with the drawstring.  Also, here is my large dutch oven amidst the toys.

Our steam cleaner fits up on top, with Barbie gear below:

See that space in the photo below?  Just beyond the new shelves?  That is where my guy is going to build an identical set of shelves.  Gosh, I feel so loved.  And I'm being completly serious about that.  Everytime I go down there to do laundry, I get a warm fuzzy feeling looking at all of this organized wonderfulness.

Thanks babe.  I love you.

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  1. Our house was 5 years old when we bought it and our storage room came with shelves like these. Wonderful. Now, my next project is to put up shelves in one of the extra bedrooms downstairs to put all these dishes on. Since I started doing the Tablescape stuff...I'm accumulating. I'm glad to know it was a $50 project, but ours will need to be free standing in the bedroom, so when we sell it can be a real bedroom again.