Color my world.

This past weekend amidst all of the Thanksgiving goings-on we celebrated my neice Francesca's 12th Birthday. 

 I offered to bake the cake.

I have to admit it wasn't much to look at.

Until the first slice.

I didn't tell anyone ahead of time, so there was lots of oohing and aahing going on.

Francesca loved it.

It was a lot of fun to make, but also a bit time consuming.  You basically prepare two box mixes of white cake as directed.  You then seperate the cake batter into 6 containers and add Wilton's Icing Dye found in the cake decorating aisle at Walmart - NOT the baking aisle.  Regular food coloring won't be bright enough.  You then make a six layer cake.  Here are Meg's directions which are a bit more concise than mine.

You are supposed to shave the top of each layer so it lays flat, but I didn't take the time to do that.

I am glad that I didn't.  I like my arched rainbow.

Here is the original cake that I found at Meg's Whatver blog.

She makes cupcakes too.

And look at the yumminess created by Amanda at I Am Mommy.  Pancakes.

Of course I cannot mention Francesca's fabulous 12th birthday unless I mention her sister Gabriella.

Gabriella's 9th Birthday was on Thanksgiving Day.

Happy Birthday girls!
Aunt Stephie loves you!

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  1. Hi! Visiting from 504.
    OM GOODNESS! That cake is absolutely GORGEOUS! I love it! I am SO going to have to try that!

  2. That is some cake! I don't know how you cut it and got it on the plate in one piece ~ I have a problem with a two-layer cake sometimes!

  3. Aw...you are a cool aunt! The cake is so much fun!