Cookie Roundup

Two days before Christmas we got busy with our cookie baking.  My daughter and niece were my helpers.  They did such a great job and the cookies turned out fabulous!
Thank you to my readers who posted their recipes in the Christmas Cookie Exchange.
First we started with these scrumptious Sugar Cookies with the recipe from Amanda at I Am Mommy.  They were the best homemade sugar cookies I’ve tasted, but God bless Amanda and her patience, because these are a lot of work.

We also tried the Mississippi Mud Cookies shared by Robin @ All Things Heart & Home.  These chocolate cookies were a huge hit.  Everyone thought they tasted like brownies – and seriously, who doesn’t love brownies?
DSC09319 DSC09321

We also baked these great cherry, white chocolate butter cookies.  I cannot believe that I can’t find the link!!  I copied and printed the recipe and forgot to save the link!  It wasn’t a link in my Cookie Exchange, so I’m not sure where it came from, if it looks familiar please let me know if you recognize these next cookies!!
These were simple to bake and the girls did the decorating.  They dipped half of each cookie in melted white chocolate and rolled them in sprinkles.  Yummy!
DSC09317 DSC09314 Yes.  That is a cat dish holding all of those sprinkles.  What can I say?  When you are on a baking frenzy you grab whatever clean dish you can find!
DSC09312 DSC09323
And there you have another successful Cookie Baking session. 
We love it.  We do it every year a couple of days before Christmas.  Hopefully the remainder of the cookies will be eaten at my New Year’s Day party, because my hips definitely don’t need another cookie!
Thank you again to all who participated in the Christmas Cookie Exchange!


  1. Those look so yummy! Have a Safe and Happy Holidays!

  2. Isn't it so much fun to have your family (especially girls) help you in the kitchen? I just love it! And they looked like they had fun decorating those yummies.

    So I love Amanda, too, but haven't had a chance yet to try any of her recipes. I'm sure they were soooo delish~! =-D