Holy Homegoods, Batman!

Just a quick post about my quick trip to Homegoods today.  Right smack in the middle of my workday I ran out of not only printer paper, but the yellow ink cartridge as well.  On my lunch hour I made a mad dash to Office Max for my supplies.
Of course Office Max is right next door to Homegoods.  I love Homegoods!  Just shoot me now!  Do you know that it is an impossibility for me to visit a store next to Homegoods and not want to check it out?  I tried to resist, I really did!  Resistance was futile. 

 "I will just run in real quick", I told myself.  Yeah, right!  That's like saying, "I'll just eat one peanut M&M".  Never. Gonna. Happen.  20 minutes later I exited with a couple of Christmas gifts and 2 luxurious turquoise bath towels that were on clearence for $3 apeice!  Not too bad, right?  Wrong!  I was yearning to spend 2 hours there, not just 20 minutes.  Ladies, they have oodles of Christmas goodies all over the place: wreaths, ceramics, dinnerware, knick-knacks, ornaments, and on & on.  I felt like I was in a Christmas wonderland. 

Moral of the story?  Never.  I repeat, never try to make a quick dash into a Homegoods, (or World Market, or Pier One, or Frontgate, Michaels, or any of those other stores I loooove).  Quick trips are sheer torture!

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Don't forget to mark your calendar for the Christmas Cookie Exchange on December 15th.

photo credit:  christmastraditions.com


  1. That's like an oxymoron, Stephanie! Quick trip and Home Goods should never be used in the same sentence! They actually had so much Christmas stuff coming out at my Home Goods a couple of weeks ago that customer's just could not maneuver around. It's normally a bit like that anyway, but this was ridiculous. The towels sound like a great deal!

  2. I love the title of this post! How cute! I agree that Home Goods is only for the strong and not the weak, like me. Thanks for the update.


  3. Oh Hw I wish we had a Home Goods where I live !!

  4. Ha! You are so funny! And no - I could never step in knowing I had to leave in 20. Never. Torture indeed!

  5. We don't have a HomeGoods..we don't have naythign here...I guess I am safe! I do know I am missing out though!


  6. We don't have HomeGoods, but there is one in Orlando, and since we visit my daughter a few times a year...I never miss a trip or two while we are there. I hate it that we don't have one, but I also know how much trouble I'd be in. Love that store!