Friday Driveby

In September I shared with you a Friday Driveby of three homes from the neighborhood where I grew up, the neighborhood where my parents still live in their modest little colonial.
One of those homes is the Grand Dame of the neighborhood.

Do you recall this beauty?

Turns out....she's For Sale. Be still my heart.

While perusing the real estae listings in Northeast Ohio, I came across the home. I was surprised because there is no "for sale" sign out in the front yard.  Most likely they do not want to encourage the curiousity seekers. If a potential buyer is looking in this price range in this town? Trust me, a realtor will point them in the right direction.
In my previous post I shared with you the story of the creepy Halloweens that I experienced at this home. Remember the grand foyer and staircase with all of the witches rambling about? Here it is today. This is the first time I have seen it since I was a little child in my Batgirl costume. Doesn't seem so scary now. Well...maybe the wallpaper does.

The asking price for this home is $679,000, which is a lot for this area. The home boasts 13 rooms, 4 fireplaces, a library, and measures in at a whopping 5,692 sq.ft.

Here is a view of the Living Room, looking in from the dining room.

And here is the large eat-in kitchen with the gorgeous large center island and the old fashioned appliances.

The home sits on 1.47 acres and has an "outbuilding", which to me is just a beautiul, old, red barn.

What I wouldn't do to this home if I could just get my hands on it.  So many childhood memories, so much decorating potential.  Now I just need an extra $600K+ to plop down for it.  Sure.  No problem.
*sigh*  A girl can dream can't she?

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  1. How divine! I can see why this would be on your drive-by list.
    Best wishes, Natasha.

  2. Be still, my heart! What a GORGEOUS old home.

  3. I think I could be happy with the bushes out front and maybe the barn:). Actually, we did our one big old "have to restore" everything home. It was big, but not this big and certainly wasn't in that price range. It was beautiful when we got it done...but, it almost killed me and I was much younger than I am now. I'm really glad to be in a house where the windows work.

    It is a beauty though and I can see why you would want it.