Join the Club. Who me? Yes, you!

Do you want in on my dirty little secret?  You sure?  Ok, here goes....I am a procrastinator!!  Yes, I know, so horrible of me right?  Turns out so is Melissa from The Inspired Room.  Yes, that Melissa.  The one I adore.

All kidding aside, procrastination is such a pain in the rear.  It is something I have been cursed with my entire life.  High school reports, preparing meetings for the Girl Scout troop, birthday shopping, going to the post office.....oh god....going to the post office has be the worst!! 

Since Tuesday,  Melissa at The Inspired Room has been hosting a Procrastinator's Party.  And I have been procrastinating all week and am finally getting around to making my Declaration.

OK, here goes....I am finally going to tackle my pile of junk DIY projects waiting for me in the garage.  Why?  Because my husband threatened to throw them away  it is Fall and I am nesting of course.

Remember this pile of junk I told you about here?  Time to tackle it.

Specifically, I will be happy if I can redo 2 of these items by our deadline.

First up is this Book Cradle that I got for a steal at a garage sale for $2 bucks.  How about that for Frugalicious shopping?

Notice the chipping finish and lovely stained top.

The second item is this dresser that I got roadside shopping.  How about that rough finish and those cobwebs?  Hey, looks great for Halloween right?  Nope.  I am thinking something bright and cheerful for my Craft Room that I told you about here.

So there you have it.  My declaration.  I will procrastinate no more.  I intend to finish these 2 items (and maybe more) by Ocotober 20th, which is the do-or-die deadline at The Inspired Room.

Wish me luck.  If you are a procrastinator too,  hop over to The Inspried Room and procrastinate no more!!

Also, for more frugal finds like these, go check out Frugalicious Friday over at Finding Fabulous.

Now where is that book I was reading?

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  1. Jane @ Finding FabulousOctober 9, 2009 at 5:34 PM

    Stephanie, those are some frugal n' fabulous finds! I can't wait to see the transformations...no pressure ;) Thanks for linking up! Oh, and I followed you too! Happy Friday!

  2. I can't wait to see if you make the deadline. I'm good with the small stuff, but projects such as yours...I put off.


  3. WOW! You really know how to find good stuff! Very excited to see what the results are. Come to think of it, I think I have the same book cradle out in the barn! I have already picked my procrastinators project, but this might have to be the next thing I tackle! Good Luck, see you on the 20th!

  4. Stephanie, these are going to look so great! All your pieces have great potential and I can't wait to see what you do to them.

  5. Yay! You found me! Sorry to drop off the face of the internet there for awhile. I decided to stop blogging for privacy reasons. Then I realized that I had no place to link to if I wanted to participate in all these fabulous link parties! And then I decided a crafty blog would be a good way to fold in my etsy shop, etc. So, here I am again. Just without my real name all over the place. :)

  6. Hello my name is Lyn and I am a procrastinator....you make me laugh! I feel your pain and wish you the best! I know you'll make your deadline, you just have to DO IT. That's what I tell myself, anyway. =)

  7. I wish I could find those things on the side of the road and at a sale. now the procrastinator in me would put them in the garage and pass them every week and say maybe next week I will start on doing them over:) I have to say that I have a chair that I have had for the past 35 years and I keep saying that I need to paint and I keep moving it from home to home in the same sad condition. Now that is Procrastination for sure along with a mental block concerning a can of spray paint for this poor sad chair.

  8. I cant wait to see what you do with those!!!

    For fun!

    (oh, and I procrastinate too. Like terribly.)


  9. Great finds! I love that stuff...I have tons of DIY projects in my garage and house...maybe I will be inspired to finish some of them. I have checked out The Inspired Room (and love it) but have not seen Frugalicious Friday at Finding Fabulous...oooo I am so excited! Love your blog. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your projects.
    Holy @ 504 Main