Friday Driveby

This week's Friday Driveby is a home that I drive by periodically when I am in the old neighborhood.  Why?  Because this home used to be ours.  We haven't lived there for almost 2 years, so I rarely do a driveby anymore.  Even though it was the fourth home we lived in as a family, it was the first home that we owned. 

We spent more time in this home than any of the others.  Eight and half years to be exact.  I love this house.  It gives me a sense of calm, a sense of home, a sense of nostalgia.

I will give you the nickel tour.  This is a 1923 Western Bungalow (or Craftsman bunglaow).  These photos were taken when our house was on the market.  Due to the fact that I have always watched countless hours of HGTV I decided that my home needed some staging, which I did myself.  That basically meant I removed ALL of the clutter.  What these photos show is just bare bones decorating.  I knew from the buyer's perspective, they do not want to see all of my clutter and tchotkes.

This open floor plan for the living room and dining room is what drew me to this home when we purchased it back in 1999.  All of the other homes in the area had very boxy layouts and this openness and natural light won me over.  I knew the minute I walked through the door that this was my home.

At some point years earlier the craftsman wood trim in the home had all been painted white.  To strip it all and restain it would have been historically correct, BUT there was NO way we wanted to take on that huge of a project.  Besides, I really like all of the white woodwork. 

I also really love the leaded-glass china cabinet built-ins.

One of two things that I just couldn't stand in this home was the Oak Cabinets.  Oak is fine for those that love it, but I am NOT an oak lover.  If we had decided to stay, these suckers would have been painted.

My kitchen had an addition put on by a previous owner, so unlike many homes of this style we had a decent size eat-in kitchen.

When we  moved in to the home it had a very dark, icky, unfinished basement.  My husband finished this basement mostly by himself.  He had help taping the drywall and installing the ceiling, but basically this basement remodel was his baby. 

He did such an awesome job.  We loved it.  It was a godsend when my son was in high school.  This is where the kids hung out and I couldn't have been happier!

See that desk tucked back in that corner?

That was my scrapbooking desk!

Here is my daughter's bedroom.  Again, it is very bare since this we were in full "selling" mode, but you get the idea.  Gosh, I miss my hardwood floors!

Lastly is our Master Bedroom.  Since this home is a craftsman bunglow, the majority of the second floor was our bedroom, with the exception of a half bath and a small office. 

This is item #2 that I couldn't handle about this house.   These wretched pine paneled walls.  For some reason, my husband would not let me paint them.  He was raised "old school" where they believe that natural wood is not to be tampered with.  He felt that if and when we resold this home, the bedroom would be what?  Worth more with wood walls?  Attract more buyers?   I have no idea what he was thinking, but I LONGED to take a brush and some white paint to these walls.  Had this been our lives' home, they definitely would have been painted.  I'd have seen to that!

So there you have my favorite "driveby".  I loved this home.  I miss this home, but I am so happy in our new home.  To all things there is a season.   This was a perfect first-time buyer home.  I feel special to have been able to contribute to the soul of this house.  It was wonderful while we were there and I hope it is bringing peace and love to the family that lives there now.

It is a Fine House.

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  1. I can feel the love for your old home in your words. I have a hard time driving by homes we have owned. I sometimes cringe at what people do to "my" place, or it makes me sad because of the memories. We often change towns when we change homes, so we are always leaving friends behind.


  2. Oho!
    I am always so sentimental about past homes too! Enjoyed the tour and your sharing with us. Have a wonderful weekend :)

  3. What a pretty home! Thanks for the tour. I love the houses we lived in, too. Each has such fond memories.


  4. Oh what a lovely home you have! I'm hosting a giveaway at my blog of genuine Cross Bottles valued at $175. It ends Monday, so hurry over. I think you'll love them!

  5. I love your old house. Your new one is nice too but I've always liked older homes better.