Friday Driveby

This week's Driveby has me a bit perplexed.  Please take a close look at the photograph of this house.  Now can someone please tell me what the heck is going on in this front yard?

This house is right around the corner from my home.  I literally have to pass it daily as I leave my neighborhood.  These "statues" (?) are a new development.  They are tall obelisk shaped stone statues with what appear to be some sort of Grecian heads on the top of each one.  Each one is standing on a concrete pad.

This is a work in progress as evidenced by the piles of dirt and the pallet of building materials on the right.  I really need to know what they are constructing?  Why statues?  Why are they facing the house and not the road?

We have several theories in our house.  Could it be a garden? A fence?  A wall?  An altar?  A cemetery?  What do YOU think they are building??

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  1. I even enlarged the picture to take a closer look. This is strange. The house looks like a normal house, with "normal" people living in it. But, the statue things are pretty creepy really. You have to do a follow-up on this one. I'll be curious to see the final result.


  2. Odd ... maybe they are paying homage to Easter Island?

  3. I believe they are putting a fence up, Stephanie, and these pillars/posts will soon be surrounded by either wrought iron or some other metal.

  4. It would be hilarious if it turned out to be a cemetery! Maybe they're just reeeally into Halloween ;)

  5. Oh, that IS strange. Do they know you write a blog? Do they read it? Perhaps someone should clue them in about that and they can leave a comment as to their intent.

    It oddly does look like the beginnings of a cemetery, which would make sense being Halloween...if this was not a permanant development!

    Have a great weekend, keep us posted on what you find out. Janell

  6. The pillars and the house don't seem to "match." We had a house in our neighborhood (when I was growing up) that had some "funny" construction going on and they ended up putting a clock tower, well, not quite, but almost...the clock is at least 5 feet in diameter, on a big post in the front yard and it is just a regular house...and it is still there.
    Holly @ 504 Main

  7. very odd...maybe a fence? maybe a halloween display?

    i'm at a loss....