seeing red

There is no other simple way to put it: I LOVE RED. Everything about red, everything that is red. I. Love. Red. I know that this color historically has so many negative connotations. It is the color of anger, hatred, blood, war, communism, aggression, danger, when we are angry we are "seeing red", when we are in debt we are "in the red" blah, blah, and MORE blah. Whatver. I just love it.

This wasn’t always the case for me though. Growing up my favorite color was always blue. This makes sense because as a child and a teen I was quieter, calmer, not nearly as outgoing or outspoken as I am today. Blue seemed to fit me in my formative years. Only as an adult have I become wild about the color red.

Negative connotations aside, I like to think of red in all of its glory: love, passion, heat, fire, romance, power, color, excitement, boldness, happiness. That is probably what I love most about red: it is a happy color. Without thought, without reason, my eyes are just naturally drawn to all things red. I can’t help it, it is just like a beacon in the night to me. It calls me, it grabs my attention, it makes me happy.

Country Living

I took this photo along the Virginia Creeper Trail

Better Homes & Gardens

Red can be a great color for entertaining....

Sometimes red will work for an entire room...

Country Living

And it is always beautiful as an accent color...

Better Homes & Garden

Who doesn't love a little red, white, and blue...

My Home Ideas.com

I am in love with this bedroom....


Midwest Living

Pottery Barn

How inviting these next two photos are.....

Pierre Frey tablecloth

Country Living

Sneak Peek of my red office (it's not finished yet)....

And just because I do love red so much, here a few more bits of red yumminess.

Vera Bradley

What is your favorite color?
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  1. I love red too. I had red stairs just like those Country Living ones in my old house. I am veering away from it just a bit in this house, only because I am having fun with green! But, not to worry, I'll return to red again because I do love it so! :-)

  2. I love red! Our last name is Redd so it is so fun to decorate with red. Love your blog!

  3. I love red on the Cranberry end. Its very hard to chose a favorite though.

  4. Great Blog!! I am in love with everything green! Green to me gives a sense of clean, reminds me of grass in the summertime! Green is full of life and yet so calming!! I have to agree...Red is wonderful as well!

  5. Cute blog! I like the red staircase.


  6. Love Red, too!!! My favorite color, however, is green.

  7. Red sure has a lot of dimensions. From country to chic. Love your blog!

  8. I also love red. I have few red accents throughout my living room. I've been mixing it with coral and a few shades of blue. Love it!

  9. You really showed how many ways red can be used! I love those red stair steps. What an idea.

  10. Beautiful pops of red! I love it balanced with white.

  11. I love red, too! It's such a happy color.


  12. I love looking at red, like your beautiful photos, but I'm always afraid of wearing red or using it in my home. Red stands out and I prefer to blend in I guess. Great post!

  13. These reds look great. I think I'd be nervous to do a whole room, but as an accent color it's uplifting and energizing.

    Me, I'm a long time purple fan, but that's a pretty challenging color to decorate with...

  14. Ahhh...thanks for sharing these beautiful photos! I hadn't seen most of them before and need to put them in a file! You know I'm with you - I'm such a red girl, too!

    Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  15. Just came across your blog. I LOVE it! My fav color is red, so I was practically drooling looking at these pictures. It's just so gorgeous of a color; it takes my breath away literally. My color theme is red.white.black, but red is my fav and the standout. Thanks for sharing :)