7 Quick Takes Friday

I went "Garage Sale-ing" today. My first Friday of the season to venture out and pay money for other people's castoffs. I love it! I took my parents with me which made it even more fun. We found some great deals. I got a great crockpot at a steal. I have one already, but now I have a large one with the pot that comes out for easy storing and washing. Yea! My mom found some gorgeous silk window valances. I can't wait to see them up on her windows. My other little find was a little child's stepstool which I will use to put a flower pot on once I add it to my list of items to paint black this weekend. My favorites are estate sales but we didn't have any of those today. At least we have the rest of the summer.
MEMO TO: Elderly people, people that walk slow either with cane, limp, or some sort of ailment, or just slow walkers in general: PLEASE do not walk down the center of the lane in a parking lot. I love you all and have no problem being patient and waiting for you to cross the aisle going to or from your vehicle. BUT PLEASE do not walk down the center of the lane. There is nothing more annoying when running "quick" errands than to have to sit in a parking lot and wait for someone to walk ever so slowly ALL THE WAY UP THE CENTER OF THE AISLE TO GET TO THE STORE. Just cross the aisle & get it over with PLEASE.
Am I the only one that has noticed that when you click on "Next Blog" at the top of the Blogger page, you always get a blog in a foreign language? Or does this just happen to me? Go ahead give it a try, at the very top of my blog click on "next blog" and 9 times out of 10 you will either get a blog in a foreign language or a blog that is all technical with World of Warcraft gibberish. Talk about annoying!
My daughter's Cheer/Dance tryouts were last week, and Yea! she made the Level 5 cheer team and also 3 dance teams. The High School tryouts were the same week and she also made Football Cheerleading and Competition Squad. All of which will be for naught if she doesn't do something quick about that failing grade in English!
American Idol. Yea Kris!!! I am thrilled beyond words that Kris Allen won AI. Yes, I know the judges and all of America are in love with the over-theatrical, screeching Eddie Munster wannabe, but obviously not ALL of America, cuz the votes were cast, and Kris is the winner. Again I say it, YEA!
On Tuesday's finale Adam Lambert sang "Mad World" which was a song on the Donnie Darko soundtrack. This movie is about an extremly troubled teenager who among other things has disaster plans for his high school. And there is Adam singing on stage in a trenchcoat, a la Columbine. Just sayin' is all.
My last two posts were about Adam Lambert, which goes to show that even though he wasn't my first pick to win Idol along with more than 1/2 the AI voters, he is the only one we can't stop talking about. Things that make you go hmmm......

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