My poor little Lizzie has been through the wringer the past couple of years with non-stop tonsillitis, strep throat, and 2 bouts with mono.  She was so over it!!  Finally her pediatrician agreed that maybe it's time for the tonsils to come out.

Two Mondays ago we headed to the hospital bright and early in the morning to have the ole' tonsillectomy.  To say she was nervous is an understatement.  I didn't think we'd get her out of the car.  She was plagued with fear of the unknown, fear of being put to sleep, & fear of the DREADED I.V.  don-don-don.

Getting the I.V. inserted made her so nervous she got light-headed and broke out in a hot sweat.  We used cold compresses to try to calm her down.

All of the trauma, drama, and fear went right out the window within 7.5 seconds of her receiving "something to calm her down",  or as the nurse liked to call it: Giggle Juice.

Wow!!!  Did she ever giggle. 

Once that "giggle juice" took affect, it was all good baby.  As they rolled her down the hall to the operating room we saw her little arm raise in the air holding two fingers up, and her only words were "peace out".

After the surgery, she was just as cute.  In this next video she recalls her operating room experience.

The upside? Her recovery was not as bad as anticipated and she won't get that pesky strep throat any longer.  

The downside?  Day 7 we were in the ER for some throat bleeding.  Day 9 we were back in the ER for more throat bleeding and rushed into emergency surgery to stop the bleeding and blood clotting.  

When she does it, she does it right:  Mono two years in a row and 2 surgeries in a 9 day period.

Nope.  She's not a drama queen at all.

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  1. Hi! I was taking a moment to actually go through my blog list and thought I'd check one more time to see if you ever came back! It looks as if you have been really busy with the good, bad and the ugly of kids and family. We've had a lot of the bad the last few months, so I lost some ground with my blog as well and I have to say that I really missed it.

    I obviously missed these last couple of postings of yours...I hope you pop in more often! Hope your kiddo is doing better now and love that baby:)