Friday Driveby

I was downtown Cleveland on business this morning.  I decided to take some photos. that are literally Friday Drivebys. 

There I was driving through the streets, holding up traffic and weaving through the bustling midday crowds, all the while snapping away at the hazy, misty winter scenes of Cleveland.

DSC09501 DSC09473 DSC09477 DSC09464 DSC09504 DSC09512

This weekend I will be escaping this dreary landscape for yet another fun-filled, action-packed girls’ weekend at a Cheerleading/Dance Competition.  My daughter will be performing her solo for the first time this weekend.  I don’t know who is more nervous, her or me.

I look forward to a weekend of fun, merriment, laughter and friendship.

These cold, gray Ohio days are really bringing me down man.

Peace out, Girl Scout.

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  1. Have fun! We are going to take a day trip tomorrow...like you, I've just got to get out and do something! It is so foggy tonight that I'm a bit worried we will be trapped at home tomorrow:(