Handmade Pinecone Ornament

Thank you to everyone that participated in the Christmas Cookie Exchange.  You gals are quite the bakers!
I am excited by your recipes and I'll be baking of few of them when my daughter and I have our marathon baking session next week.

This Christmas I have been in the crafting mood.  I am not a expert crafter by any means.  I generally like to try my hand at recreating items that I have seen either online or in the stores.  This easy Pinecone Ornament is a simple variation of a fancy one that I saw at Homegoods last month.  I've kept it in my little 'ole brain until now, and this is what I came up with.

I hit up the local craft store and purchased some felt squares, jute rope, and some paper mache eggs.  (I looked for pinecones, but alas they did not have any.  When I'm done with them, they won't look a thing like eggs.)

I then made a template using sturdy cardstock and a dime.  I simply traced half the dime along the edge of a strip of paper, to give it an even, scalloped edge.  I made certain that the length of the template would wrap around the width of my pinecone.

Then you just trace the template onto the felt and cut your strips.

I cut one circle of felt and using my Glue Gun, I adhered it to the pointy end of my egg pinecone.  I then wrapped the felt strip around the end and hotglued it in place.

Then hotglue each "petal" into place.

That is all there is to it.  You then just hotglue each strip one on top of the other, staggering the petals at bit.

When I reached the top of the pinecone the strips were not wide enough to adequately cover the top.  I cut 2 semi-circles and scalloped the edges of those.  I then hotglued them in place back to back.

Lastly I cut one circle and adhered it directly in the center of the top.

Cut a length of jute (or ribbon, twine, yarn, etc.) and hot glue it and a cute button to the top of the pinecone ornament.

Now it is time to hang the fabulous Pinecone Ornament on the Christmas tree!

This is so easy-peasy to make, just a bit time-consuming.  I enjoy keeping my hands busy while watching Christmas movies or my reality TV shows, so time flew by and I did it in no time.  Hope you like it!!

I'll be back soon with a few more simple, inexpensive ornament and gift ideas for Christmas.
Happy Friday!

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  1. Very clever, Stephanie! I love the button on the top, too!

  2. That is really clever...I can picture a tree full of them. Thanks for the idea.