A Pickin' and A Grinnin'.

This past weekend my husband and I ventured off to Lorain County to go apple picking.  Time was when we could bring the kids, but  now that they are 15 and 20 and lives of their own, we are on our own.  This is bittersweet.  I realized as we were picking apples that I never did this with my kids.  We went to pumpkin farms when they were kids, but never did apple or strawberry picking.

The sweet part of the bittersweet is that Steve and I spent the afternoon together taking the drive to the country.  It was a very chilly day, but I loved it anyway.

We went to Rex Gee's Orchard.  There were half a dozen apple farms down this stretch of country road, but this one was the only one that proclaimed "Pick your own apples."

There were a number of varieties to choose from.  I think we ended up with Golden Delicious, Melrose, Empire, and Courtland. 

Check out the color on these Melrose:

This next pic looks like fallen branches, but it's actually a tree that must be growing up from a stump.
Nature has a way.

Here is our load of apples.  1/2 bushel for $15.
I have no idea if that's a good price or not, but it was worth the adventure!

Now that I have all of these apples I need to get crackin on those recipes that I have been saving.

Recipes for Apple Cake, Apple Bars, and canned Apple Butter.


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  1. My husband and I picked strawberries this year. I hadn't done it since college and I had the same thought...why didn't I take the kids? My mom took me. We have apples around here that are good, but we are heading to Michigan in a couple weeks and will bring some back with us (if they aren't all frozen)!


  2. Those are some beautiful apples and it sounds like a great day too! I remember when my kids would get so excited to see one of those preying mantis but we don't see them much around anymore.