Friday Driveby

This week's driveby is a home not too far from me.  I pass this home on my way to some of my favorite stores like World Market, Home Depot, and Homegoods.  I always try to get a peek through the trees.  I love the shape of the home, the multi-level roofs, and the old stone chimney standing straight and tall.

Looks like the tree in front lost a branch in a storm and it landed on the fence below.  How great is that fence?

This home is for sale right now, which has me dreaming of garden parties on the lawn and nights on the porches and a warm, cozy fireplace on these crisp autumn nights.  I love the stone chimney reaching high into the sky.  It was difficult to photograph (lest I traipse across their lawn), but if you peek between the trees in these photos you can catch a glimpse of it.

I took a peek at the real estate listing and learned that this home was built in 1853.  It is 4,099 sq.ft. and has 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.  This impressive lot is 2.67 acres.  The front lawn stretches on forever and is surrounded by this gorgeous black, wrought-iron fence.  How amazing are the original stone gate posts out front?   The rear of the property has a gently sloping back yard which leads down into the inviting woods below.

Here you can get a better look at the old chimney in this MLS photo I found online.  To. Die. For.

This next photo is the entrance to the driveway.  They had me at "Hello. Drive on in."   OK, dont' mind if I do.  I did actually drive just beyond these stone posts to snap a couple of photos.  Hey, they won't mind, right?  Their home is on the market after all. 

Can you just picture a one-time gate across this entrance?  The gate being opened by a gentleman in a long wool coat, greeting the carriages arriving for a Christmas ball.  (Ok, clearly I have watched Little Women one too many times).

Speaking of Little Women, here is the most romantic thing about this old home.  It was once owned by the nephew of Loiusa May Alcott.   How dreamy is that???

Hope you enjoyed this week's Driveby! 

Tell me about your neighborhood.  Do you have any particular homes that have caught your attention?  Do you pass any old homes and imagine a bygone era?  Or am I the only crazy lady on the roads, holding up traffic, rubbernecking at my dream homes?

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  1. Oh, no, you're not!!
    This house is fabulous!

    I have several houses in my neighborhood that makes me dream, too.....Any Cottage in fact, cause, unfortunatly, there's more bungalows and multi-level houses than I can stand!

  2. What a beautiful house and grounds. Actually, now that you mention it, I could see it in one of the Little Women series of books. We do have an area not far from where I live, where there are homes from the 1800's and some of the buildings now house offices. PT Barnum actually had a house and some property there. The architectural detail is so fantastic on these buildings that people come here just to take pictures of it. I'll have to try and remember to bring my camera one day and take some shots. I think you'd enjoy seeing them.

  3. I have dream homes other places, but this isn't my dream town...so, not here. There are some beautiful new homes, and a few interesting older homes. We were "sent" here and I guess my dream is for when I choose where I want to be.


  4. I could see that as my forever home! What state is thin in? Btw, love your blog! Karyn

  5. That house is fabulous! I want to live there too! What a fun idea..drive-bys. We have really cool Victorians here...maybe I'll go drive-by and snap some photos.
    Holly @ 504 Main

  6. I love it. There's a small town close to where I live and my husband and I make a special trip just to look at the old houses.

  7. Hi Stephanie ... I gave you an award on my blog. Stop in when you get a chance!

  8. I like the way you dream!! I love this house too. My neighborhood is all new construction. No home older then 8 years. Blah.


  9. I love it also. In California if it's older than 25 years old you better watch out,they're going to knock it down. The old homes have class, and were built to last. That's when people had pride in their work and not just slapping things together. What is the asking price for this great old home and where is it located ?