Friday Driveby

I think if I could live in any home at all it would be a home like this one.  I love everything about it (except maybe the blue color).  This home is located in my hometown of Berea, OH.  It is in the area near the Baldwin-Wallace college campus, which was established back in the 19th century.

I imagine this home to be grand and large with beautiful rooms with tall ceilings and crown moulding.  I imagine 2 or 3 fireplaces, maybe in the sitting room or the master bedroom.  I imagine out of the way nooks and crannies, meaning an unexpected room layout or blueprint.  This is my favorite thing about old homes, the architectural interior details.

I imagine summer evenings on the porch, enjoying the weather and the neighbors and a warm slice of peach pie.  I imagine curling up with a good book in a comfy chaise lounge on the porch during a hot summer rainstorm.

I imagine a glorious third floor attic that can be renovated into a craft room or a rec. room, or a giant guest suite.  I imagine that I would redo the old kitchen.  I imagine leaded glass built-ins and glass doorknobs and wood floors.

I imagine that it would have all the character of Meg's house.  Have you seen Meg's house?  It's absolutely dreamy and so is this week's Friday Driveby.

Hey, a girl can imagine can't she?

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. It is a beautiful house. It is so interesting how they have the gates with no fence. We actually did live in a house of this era in the early 90's. It had been a showplace in the small town we lived in back in it's day. The outside was still very impressive. The inside was horrible. It had 4 baths, the attic you speak of and so many built in cool features. It took us a year of constant work to restore it back to beautiful. It was a labor of love that I never want to repeat. We were so tired, and so broke after this house. I always felt that the original owners were watching us and smiling.


  2. I've never owned an old house, the idea has scared me away! But I adore their character, like the one you show and Meg's. Wow, love so many things about her house, especially the wall of built-ins with all the children's art! Wonderful!

  3. Lovely. Simply lovely. I love porches...in NC, we would call that a veranda, as it wraps around and is covered.