Clutter my World.

Clutter, clutter, clutter, what will I do with you?  Clutter seems to pile up everywhere.  My office - yikes!  The end tables in the Living Room.  The stairs leading up to the second floor.  My nightstand.  Clutter is ineveitable, why freak out over it?  Usually I don't. 

However, one of the places where I just cannot stand clutter is in the kitchen. I have to have clear countertops, an empty sink, a clean stove. The rest of my home? Not so much.  My kitchen?  Must, must, must.  It's just a thing with me.

One area where I fall short in my kitchen decluttering is my refrigerator.  Just look at it.  A big, ole' cluttery mess.  Is cluttery even a word?

But then I take a closer look:

I see Lizzie's cheer magnet and that cute pic of her with Ozzy the Cat when he was a tiny kitten.
I see my neices and my goddaughter's First Communion pics.  My grandmother - I miss her!
The invitation to the Wedding Shower for Lizzie's dance coach - we are so excited about that event!
A sweet thank-you card from my SIL for the beautiful necklace we gave her for her 60th Birthday.
Can't forget that notepad for the neverending grocery list (love The Office!)
The schedule for the Autumn events in our Metroparks.
See that magnet at the bottom?  It says "M is for Mom, NOT Maid".  Ain't that the truth!!

Here is the other cluttered door of my fridge:

I'm a Braves fan - aren't you?
Another cute cat - hey, we are cat people, what can I say?
We pick up magnets when we travel. 
We love the memories from Orlando, Disney, & Cincinnati!

What's that you say?  You are in suspense?  You just MUST see the side of my fridge? 
Oh, Okay.

More magnets for important places like pizza parlors and veterinary offices.
Mmmm...there's that recipe that I printed out for The Farm Chicks Apple Butter.
A sweet note from Kathy at Creative Home Expressions.  I won a giveaway on her blog.
Oh, cheerleading.  Oh, dance.  Oh, cheerleading. Oh, dance.
Where would we be without our cheer & dance monthly calendars?

That's my fridge.  That's my constant kitchen clutter.
And you know what?  I wouldn't have it any other way!
This is us.  This is our life.
It's who and what we love, it's where we've been, and where we have yet to be.

Isn't Life Beautiful?

I am joining Melissa at The Inspired Room for Beautiful Life Friday.

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  1. That is a great perspective to have! Enjoy your home...Janell

  2. Just last week, I moved almost all my fridge clutter to the side of the fridge that most people don't see. That way, when people come into my kitchen, they are impressed by how organized and uncluttered I am!! That is, until they look at my countertops! Oh well, I ain't perfect!

  3. I feel so honored that you put my notecard on the side of your refrigerator! ; ) Until I decluttered my refrigerator, when we put our house on the market, {I just put my hubby's work schedule and a shopping list pad on the front and the trash pick up schedule is on the side, which I just take off if there is a showing} I used to have family pics, notes, invitations, too. I do think I'll put the family pics back up though ~ I always liked looking at them when I would go to open the door.

  4. Love it!! Mine often looks just the same way!
    I'm having my very first giveaway so pop on over and get entered.

  5. Very nice post! And very well said!!! I couldn't agree more!

  6. Oh Wow, don't get me started on kitchen clutter. Nothing can drive me batty faster than a cluttered kitchen. My family know that if the kitchens messy - momma's GRUMPY!

    Your fridge clutter doesn't seem so bad to me. It's contained - organized if you will. If you can't recognize the color of the fridge that's when you start to worry. Ha!

  7. I am not alone. I try to have an uncluttered kitchen, but cannot seem to part with what is on the frig...a photo of the cousins who live in NC, magnets of our trips together...a little reminder of the fun things we have done together or that my kids have made. Isn't hat what frig's are for?


  8. Yay...my fridge looks just like that! It's just what families do...they gather stuff. It's like I live in denial of it all, and then friends come over to visit, and I freak out about it. Ha ha, I just need to get over it! Cute post. :)

    Jane @ Finding Fabulous

  9. I just did a refrigerator post this week, well it was a combination refrigerator cork-board covered in 9 year old business cards post! Pop on over and see, Just scroll down a day or two. (ignore todays breakdown!) Karyn

  10. I used to have clutter like that until I got a stainless steel fridge and magnets don't work.

  11. That's just what fridges are for!!!!

    m ^..^

  12. I haven't been able to have fridge clutter for awhile, since those stainless fridges stole all the fun. I just had to mess mine up a bit by putting that chalkboard on it...it just seemed more HOMEY!

    Love it!

  13. Thank you for your being honest about your clutter. My middle name is clutter and although it does bother me and I would like a place for everything, I would rather spend more time with my family than cleaning my clutter.
    Charisse @ lifelaughlatte.blogspot.com