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Yesterday I received in the mail the Sept.2009 Ballard Designs catalog. I then proceeded to spend the better part of an hour drooling over the pages. So many beautiful items, so much inspiration. There were many items that caught my eye. Although doesn't it seem that each time you peruse the pages of the catalog something different pops out at you?

How cute are these pushpins?

And this pillow reminds me of my really big Key that I told you about here:

I find myself getting inspired from the pages of Ballard Designs and other catalogs. The prices can be scary, but when I look really closely I find my brain begins to tick away with other places that I have seen things, or better yet ways that I myself can replicate the lovlies that adorn these catalog pages.

This black iron chandelier reminds me a lot of a certain dusty chandelier that I paid $15 for at a garage sale. It is still in my basesment, but soon enough it will be overlooking my sunroom.

Since I am all about red this print naturally caught my eye, but at $249 I don't think it will be hanging on my wall anytime soon. But wait. Haven't I seen this exact same print at World Market for much less?

This seagrass lampshade would look great in my master bathroom. At $35 it's pretty reasonable. (Unless I turn that rattan wastebasket upside down and use that instead).

This Drying Rack is so cute. Stop. The. Presses.
Have you seen the one that Centsational Girl made? You MUST check it out. I just love Kate and her DIY ways. She was also inspired by this one from Ballard Designs.
With the 9' ceilings in my new home come the tall kitchen cabinets. A stepstool is just what I need. These ones are cute, but I picked up one from a garage sale for $2, and I am in the process of giving it a little facelift. I have done some priming, but still need to fill in the screw holes and paint it. With just $2 and an afternoon's work I think it's definitely worth it.

Here is mine in progress:

The outdoor cushions and pillows come in every size, shape, and fabric. This one from BD reminds me of the one I picked up at Home Depot for $12.99.

Here is my Home Depot outdoor pillow and my chair that I shared with Edie's Painted Patio Furniture party.

This set of four entomology prints really caught my eye. I am coveting them!! I think it's time to surf the web and check out the selection of 2010 wall calendars!!

As you can see I really love Ballard Designs. They have such a wonderful offering of home decor items and furniture. I really love it all. There are some items that are one of a kind and you won't find elsewhere. However, for those times that price is an obstacle, don't be afraid to be objective about your item. Can you find something similar elsewhere? It might not be the same shade of blue, or have the exact same lines, but if you are willing to open your mind you can decorate for a fraction of the cost.

Better yet, what about those things such as my chandelier or footstool above? You may have some items already in your home, or come across that special peice under some dust and ugly paint at the Goodwill. With a little thought, ingenuity, time, and paint you can have a Ballard Designs look for pennies on the dollar.

What inspires you? Do you have a catalog or website that makes you drool? Share with us how you have achieved a designer look for less. I would love to hear your stories.

Want to see what else inspires me? Check out my Fine Finds on my tumblr page.
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  1. I just found your blog, and enjoyed every word. I can't wait to see the chandelier when it is done.

  2. I'm with you on Ballard's, Stephanie. I play Lotto just so I can redo my whole house someday in Ballard Designs' furniture and decor! I find that Home Goods and even JC Penney carry some things that are similar to what Ballard's carries. I just ordered a clock on close-out from JC Penney today for $39.99, which I love and would be over $100.00 at BD. Of course, you can find and/or make your own items.

    I saw Centsational Girl's drying rack, I also saw a couple of people's posts who did those thick, chunky shelves with brackets, and I was lucky enough to find an extra large framed blackboard that was being thrown out {I posted about it on my blog as a "free find"}, which I may just paint the frame black.

    As you can see, you hit a favorite spot for me, and from the other blogs I read, there are many fans of Ballards stuff, although we all try to get the look on a budget!

  3. Stephanie, you are so right on both counts. The Ballard Designs catalog is so filled with eye candy it's just scrumptious. But it is pricey. It's wonderful how you use it for inspiration.

    There is one thing in there that has been tempting me for years. It's a group of high back benches that make a booth-like eating area. I've alway wanted them for my sunroom but my windows are too low. Someday I'm going to figure out how to make something like that work.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Love that catalog too. Isn't funny how we suddenly need something we didn't even know we needed until we look at a catalog. LOL
    Love your blog stop by mine sometime would love to have you :)