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Adding a note:
My "button garden" featured in this post was chosen as favorite DIY project at Kimba's DIY Party at A Soft Place to Land!! I am so thrilled and appreciative!
Thank you Kimba for hosting the party & also to Kelly from Purple Lemon Designs for choosing my entry. Love you gals:)


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Today I finally dipped into my button collection and made a quick, easy piece of artwork for my powder room:

I had this plaque that I picked up at a garage sale. Originally the outer frame was an awful country blue & white check. You can see the before here. I used brown spray paint on the outside frame.

This plaques are both made of *MDF* and the center one just rests inside the outer one:
You can see where I popped off the 2 blue wooden hearts that were affixed to the front:
I chose to cover the plaque with batting and this cotton fabric. No need to paint the plaque - it's getting wrapped in fabric anyway.

I hot glued batting to the face of the plaque & then wrapped the fabric around it and hot glued on the back.

Now comes the fun part - I got to dive into my buttons. Have I mentioned that I love to collect buttons??

I chose to use tones of reds, greens, & browns which would coordinate well with the powderoom.

My daughter showed up just at the fun part. We really enjoyed finding just the right buttons to use and playing around with all of the buttons to create our "flower garden". We got everything in place and how we wanted it and then hot-glued all of the buttons to the fabric.

The cream colored flower petals below are actually upside-down buttons. You can see the holes where the thread passes through. The other side that we hot-glued to the fabric is flat. I loved the texture of the upside-down look. The green center is a fabric button.

The petals below are the prettiest shade of champagne. Again, the center is a fabric-covered button.

Here is what we came up with. I just love it! I then slid the frame over the top & using a green scrapbooking pen, I drew stems & leaves onto the flowers.

Finished project hanging in the powder room. For less than $5 - I have a fun new piece of homemade artwork that my daughter and I created.

Dont' forget to check out Kimba's DIY party. You will see everything from small projects like mine, to recipes, to large projects like furniture & cabinet makeovers. It's always great to get new ideas. Enjoy!

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  1. I love buttons! That is such a great idea ... it turned out so cute! I want one!!!

  2. Oh. My. Heavenly. Days. I love this!! That is so stinkin' cute. You just sent me running for my button box...

  3. So sweet! I love it!

    Stopping by from Kimba's...

  4. I love the colors you chose! I just love buttons. I might have to try this one!

  5. Absolutely adorable!!! I LOVE it. What a great idea. :) Visiting from Kimba's party. :)

  6. how long have you been collecting buttons? you have a LOT!

    loved your tutorial & love the button garden. i want one!


  7. wow, I love this idea! I think my daughter would love this in her room!!

  8. That is really cute. I never would have thought to so that

  9. Oh My, this is just the sweetest project! I love it and have a button collection myself. I especially love that you didn't sew those buttons on, definitely made for a quicker project!

  10. I LIKE small projects! This is really cute. Thank you for sharing it.

  11. This is absolutely darling! You did a beautiful job! (You've also given me a Christmas gift idea for a hard-to-buy-for-stepmother!!!) Thanks for sharing :)

    Have a wonderful day!
    (Treasure the Moment)

  12. Love that idea! I really like old buttons and what a fun way to use them. I just might have to do something similar. And I like your UL "wash your hands" it's one of my favorite bathroom expressions.

  13. What a cute idea. It looks adorable in your bathroom. thanks for sharing.

    Hugs to ya,

  14. Ooh I am SO stealing this idea!

    I made my own expensive looking typography basket~come see.

  15. What a cute project! I love your "Wash Your Hands" sign on the wall. :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  16. How sweet! I love that your buttons are all organized -- wanna do mine?

  17. Oh that is just too cute! How creative! I am inspired to go through my button collection.

  18. Is it sad that seeing your organized buttons totally made me drool?

    Great project Stephanie... God sure has given you a gift!! You are so talented!


  19. i knew it was a winner! congratulations!

  20. ohio rocks two weeks in a row!

  21. I LOVE this! I also LOVE your button collection and how organized it is! Mine looks slovenly next to yours. :)

  22. This is darling. Buttons and gardens--what's not to love?!

  23. Hi!

    I recently posted an entry on my blog with a link to this tutorial.

    Would you let me know if that's OK?


    Nancy Ward