Roadside Shopping

Yesterday while dropping my daughter off at a friend's house, I had one of those double-take, whiplashing, brake-screeching kind of moments. I avoided driving down Fournier St. due to construction, but on the return trip I forgot about the construction and happened upon these lovelies. All roadside shopping! All. For. Free.

Headboad, footboard, small chest, a shelf unit, 2 old windows, and 2 gorgeous frames. The shelves were heavy, but I wrestled them into the van by myself. There's no way I was going to leave them there for other roadside shoppers while I went to get some muscle.

I can't wait to get started on these. I will keep you posted with my progress.

I have a bit of a collection going here, so I say it's time to get started on all of the makeovers! What fun!

These weren't roadside shopping, but this chair & 3 footstools are waiting for some paint and some yummy fabrics.

Wrought iron chandelier waiting for TLC as well.

Wish me luck, I think I have enough to keep me busy for some time!


  1. Hey decorating mamma...I've got an award for you! Stop by my blog to pick it up!

    Decor mamma

  2. Hi Stephanie ~ I found your blog through a comment on Centsational Girls most recent post. I love your finds! Great rainy day projects ahead for you!

  3. Here in Illinois you can also find some great "curb" finds. I will now forever call it "roadside shopping" it sounds so much better. You have some great things!

  4. Free is the best! Love those windows and that chandy is FAB!!!!!

  5. Love finding things on the street! You found some great things!

  6. Great free finds, especially love the old windows!

  7. Great finds. Our city just went to pay-per-through so people are putting all sorts of things on the curb. This is the best way to recycle.
    Please put a picture of the final project up so we can see what you've done.
    Stop on over at http://fleamarketstylemag.blogspot.com/ to see what Ki and Matthew have in store.
    Thanks for Sharing, Jennifer Mead
    Flea Market Style contributor.

  8. I love the old windows! I've used windows for wall hangings all over my house, some plain, and some with quilts behind. I have a couple of pictures on my blog. I can't wait to see what you do with yours!


  9. WOW what a find! Love the little dresser. You were in the right spot at the right time. It's been fun to meet new bloggers who love the treasure hunt as much as I do :-)