The Key to Happiness

A couple of weeks ago I went to the local thrift store (S.A.) with my daughter. We were hunting for t-shirts for her, but of course I cannot go in to a thrift store without checking out the "bricky".
Yeah, first time I have heard that word used. Bricky=non-furniture household goods.
OK? If you say so.

So anyway, I came across the most lucious black key. It was extremely heavy and made of metal, and I wanted it badly. Price tag? $29.99. Um, yeah, I didn't want it that badly. However, I took my chances and came back the following week on Wednesday, which is apparently 1/2 price day and I got my key for $15.

Did I mention that the key is 4 ft. tall ???

Hubby hung it on the living room wall for me yesterday and I couldn't be happier. (Yes, I know I still havn't committed to draperies yet, and while I did paint my entertainment center black, it is still somewhat empty).
Never mind all of that. All in good time. - For now I am thrilled with my KEY!

I just love vintage keys. Where have those keys been? What were they used for? Old keys remind me of a grandmother's hope chest, or an old safe, or most especially the Secret Garden. Remember The Secret Garden? Young Mary finds her aunt's key and uses it to unlock not only the secret garden, but her heart as well. Oooh, it was just magical.

Here are some other beautiful keys that create magic for me:

country living

pottery barn

west elm

pottery barn

open hand living

inspire co.

heather bullard

hollylynne @ etsy

ballard designs

Do you have any special keys? Have you read The Secret Garden? Or have you seen the luscious 1993 film version?
What is the key to your happiness?

Tell me about your keys.

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  1. Love the key! So awesome! I too love old keys, these pictures are all great! Thanks for sharing!

  2. LOL - when you first said $29 for a key I was thinking of a little key and wondering why that store was so expensive. Nice big key.

  3. What a wonderful big key!!!
    I found a cute key ring a couple weeks ago:
    Keys are so mysterious and I love them

  4. That is an awesome giant key. Great find. Don't you just love finding the one thing you never knew you loved until you found it?

  5. Oh wow, that's one big key! And I think it looks so incredible there on your wall! I love keys too, and have quite a few here, there, and everywhere!

  6. Wow what a find! I’m glad it was there when you went back. The Salvation Army in my area is usually over priced too. I can’t believe someone let that go. Oh well their loss and your treasure.