A little slice of heaven

Edited to Add: Kimba at A Soft Place to Land is hosting a Garden Party. Hope you'll hop over there and check out the the party!

Living in a fairly new community I have come to terms with the fact that I have no trees. The homes in this development were built on farmland, which is flat and pretty much devoid of trees and vegetation (at least once the builder gets a done with it).
Imagine my delight in being able to build our home on the edge of this development. Therefore instead of having a new home right up my hind-end, there are instead homes on the next street that were built decades ago. In between those homes and mine I am blessed to have a large backyard and beyond that what I like to call "the meadow". Is it a meadow? Not in size. However, it does have wild flowers and grasses and birds' nests, and bunnies, deer, groundhogs, and once even a stray coyote! Right in the middle of the meadow is an amazing garden that belongs to the elderly woman that lives behind us. She grows everything!
I love being able to look out my sunroom windows and just see green, green, green.
Yesterday I noticed a tree/bush growing at the edge of the meadow with dainty white flowers all over it. I have no idea what they are, but I headed right out with my scissors and clipped me some branches!

Inspired by this lovelies in my kitchen, I went out front today and snipped flowers that we actually planted ourselves, roses and golden spiraea. I added them to my little vase and couldn't be more pleased! Yay!


  1. So pretty. I am envious of your sun room and it's view. You have a great yard.

  2. Definitely a meadow! I bet the lady next door would be willing to share some of her garden know how. I think that might be a mock orange you plucked...

  3. That's a beautiful meadow and such a pretty buffer! Very pretty flowers!


  4. We live on the edge of our development too. Nothing but farm and cows next door. I like it!